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Are Micro Switch Features And Functionalities The Same As Those of Limit Switch?

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Are Micro Switch Features And Functionalities The Same As Those of Limit Switch?

There has been lots of arguments amongst limit switch and micro switch users over the years. Both categories of people believe that there is no difference between these two switches. In other words, they are of the opinion that micro and limit switches are very much similar in lots of regards. However, there are other people who strongly believe these switches are very much different. A problem like this may sound simple or unserious. However, do not forget that it can hider you from getting the best from a micro switch or limit switch. 

For instance, it can even lead to confusion about which one to purchase and install since you are not sure about their differences. Do you want to know more about micro switches and limit switches? Are you aware that both have lots of differences in terms of functionalities and differences? Just as said above, understanding these differences between both switches can help you in lots of ways. It has been discovered that one of the major reasons why people spend unnecessarily most times is that they do not understand which of the switches to purchase. 

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There is no need bothering again

In case you seem confused about both limit switches and micro switches, there is no need for such feeling again. This post will be explaining comprehensively lots of details about both types of switches. It will be looking at their features and functionalities. The aim is to help you see areas where they seem to be very different from each other. Just read on to ensure you make a great buying decision from henceforth. 

What is a micro switch? 

Understanding what a micro switch actually is can help you know more about its features as well as functionalities. Micro switches are used in regulating current flow in electrical devices and appliances. They function in the same way like normal or regular switches you will find in any home or commercial property. For instance, they can be used in having bulbs turned on/off. Also, it is possible for them to be used in alarm systems. 

Every micro switch you will find in the market today comes with two contact points. These are normally open and normally closed contact points. They are points responsible for the way current is regulated in a device or appliance. For instance, normally closed point is responsible for allowing current to flow into the components of devices. When it is pressed for a bulb to be turned on, the normally closed contact point has been activated. 

Conversely, the normally open contact point is said to be active when such device is not working. It is that point whereby current is not flowing amongst the components in an appliance or device.  When you switch of a device, the micro switch will be maintaining a normally open contact point.  One of the major areas whereby micro switches have proven to be very much different from limit switches is that they are used in household appliances and devices. 

These are items like washing machines, security cameras, timer devices, alarm systems, rice cookers, and many others. Micro switches can also be found in sliding doors and elevators. They are known to help when it comes to monitoring the various changes that happen as devices and appliances tend to be working. This takes place via their monitoring features.  

Another name for a micro switch is snap-action switch. This is because once it is pressed, it tends to snap back and forth. This is how it interchanges contact points. In other words, when the switch is pressed, normally closed contact point will become active. However, releasing your hand again from such spot will make it maintain a normally open contact point. It should be noted that the monitoring function of a micro switch is what makes them very special. 

What is a limit switch?

A limit switch is different from a micro switch. For instance, while micro switches can be found in most household electrical appliances, limit switches are usually found in applications. They are perfect when it comes to machinery control through the use of motion. Most of the automated systems you will find in an industrial setting have limit switches. It has a sensor like micro switches. However, such tends to work in a different way given that it is being controlled by motion. It is the motion which determines how such limit switch will function over a given period of time.  

Limit switches have one goal which is detecting or sensing objects without the help of anyone. That is to say, they carry out such function in the most automated way. Just as the name sounds, they are meant to detect whether an object has gone beyond a particular limit. They are meant to define the point which objects are expected to reach. Simply put, they monitor endpoint of objects.

Unlike micro switches which you will mostly find in electrical appliances, limit switches are used in electromechanical applications. Please note that there are electrical devices which make use of limit switches. A typical example of such devices could be washing machines. They could also be found in containment doors and loading systems.  

One of the major advantages or reasons why limit switches are used is that they are very accurate. That is to say, they are effective when it comes to carrying out their monitoring functions. Also, they can be easily installed. 

Here is where they are similar 

There is one aspect or area where limit switches and micro switches have proven to be very similar. This is the fact that they are very versatile. In other words, they can be put to various uses in applications and appliances. 

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Having said the above, it is obvious that micro switches and limit switches are different in lots of regards. They both have areas or instances where they can be used effectively. Understanding this can help you get the best from them. 

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