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Are Micro Switches Automated?

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Are Micro Switches Automated?

The advent of micro switches has changed lots of things in the world of electronics and applications. There are lots of devices and appliances making use of these switches today even though end users are not aware. They serve various purposes thereby making these items to be more effective in terms of how they function. In case you plan to make use of these switches in any of your electrical projects, it is important to understand how they work. The reason for this is that it has been discovered most people lack knowledge about how micro switches have been built to work in devices. 

One aspect they have failed to understand is whether micro switches are automated or not. Are you amongst such persons? Do you know that not having proper understanding of whether micro switches are automated or not can cause lots of problems for your project in the long run? There is no need to bother though. This post will be explaining lots of details about this subject matter. You will definitely know whether micro switches are suitable/ideal for your automated projects or not. Just read the details below in order to know when micro switches are needed. 

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What is an automated switch?

An automated switch has features that enables it carry out certain functionalities without the help of anyone. It has the unusual ability to detect happenings in an application or device after which the needed changes will be effected without the help of anyone. Micro switches are automated in lots of ways. This has been made possible through their sensor and detector ability. 

There are numerous advantages of using a micro switch in this regards. One of the most notable is that you will not have to bother about how appliances are working since it handles everything automatically on its own. In other words, there will not be any need for you being worried about whether some features and functionalities have been activated or not. 

This is one of the reasons why most electronic manufacturers are exploring the various ways through which micro switches can be included in their products. They give end-users the chance of enjoying true comfort without having to do any manual work. Apart from detecting and sensing changes in devices, they can also be included in push button switches to start a process. This is usually typical in cases whereby alarm systems have to be activated through some buttons. 

How does this happen?

In order to ensure you have better understanding about the automated features of micro switches, some appliances will be looked at. These are:

Air conditioner units

Of course, everyone knows that air conditioner units have been existing to ensure the highest level of comfort is experienced. However, you do not understand that micro switch has made such appliances work in the most automated way. For instance, it is through the micro switch that an AC will either start working or stop for some time. This is done through its detector ability which helps to check whether the room temperature is cold up to a particular level. 

Once it has reached the preset level, it will not work until the temperature becomes a little bit hot again. At this point, it will start working again. This is made possible through its contact points (open and closed). They are points whereby the AC unit can either work or pause. It is through the points that electricity flow is determined. 

Sliding doors 

This is another electrical appliance that benefits from the automated function of a micro switch. Sliding doors have been designed in such a way that they can open and close automatically without anyone coming in contact with them. This is evident in doors that are used for lifts and elevators. Have you ever noticed that you only need to have a button pressed in order to get to a particular floor within a multistory building? 

Again, the automated process happens due to the presence of a micro switch. It detects when floor has been reached and opens the door without you having to do anything. Just like the case of AC unit that was explained above, this is made possible through its contact points. As the elevator or door is working, it can be said that there is closed contact position being activated. This enables current to flow across the various components thereby making it to work as expected. Conversely, open contact is activated once the door is not in a working state. 


The automated functions of micro switches have made it possible for them to be used in vehicles more than ever before. For instance, they aid in helping headlights of cars to turn on/off while on the road. Have you noticed that your headlights always get turned on automatically without you having to do anything extra apart from starting the engine of your car? A micro switch is very much responsible for this process taking place. 

It is simple to understand as the headlights will turn on when the day light is going out gradually. Also, it will automatically turn itself off once the day is getting brighter and brighter. With this feature, there is no doubt that you will drive safely at any time of the day without having to bother about whether the road is clear or not. 

The closed contact point will have the lights turned on since it is a state whereby there seems to electricity flow. On the other hand, the lights will remain turned off when the contact points are open meaning there is no flow of electricity. 

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Based on the above, it can be seen that micro switches are automated. It all depends on the device or appliance that they are being used in. however, most of the time, you will find them playing detecting and sensor roles in devices and appliances. They are truly the future of advanced electronic appliances and devices in lots of ways. This is because of how they ensure optimal performance of such devices.

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