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Are There Different Types Of Micro Switches Buttons Being Used In Electronic Appliances?

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Are There Different Types Of Micro Switches Buttons Being Used In Electronic Appliances?

The features and functionalities of micro switches have made them to be the favorites of most electronic manufacturers. Even when you plan to undertake an electrical project, the inclusion of micro switch is almost inevitable given the function or roles that it is expected to perform. This probably one of the reasons their popularity seems to be on the increase in recent years. For instance, they do not just regulate the flow of electricity in devices. Instead, they can help in carrying out detective roles in various applications like sliding doors, refrigerators, washing machines and others. 

However, it is important to point out that there are lots of subject matters about micro switches which most people seemed to be confused on. This is especially obvious when they talk about the various micro switches in the market. Most individuals are always of the opinion that such switches are of various types. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen as experts are yet to confirm such opinion and views. 

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Here is the right answer

Are you trying to find out whether micro switches are of various types? Do you know that lack of knowledge about micro switch types can deprive you of getting the best from them? This is true especially when you are planning to install a micro switch in an electrical device or appliance. Such knowledge will help you know the right micro switch to purchase. This will enable such an appliance to function properly as expected. Of course, the last thing you would want to do is install something that will not stand the test of time. 

Just ensure to read the details of this article below in order to find out if truly or not, there are different types of micro switches in the market. 

Are there really different types?

When you want to talk about different types of micro switches, there are lots of factors that will need to be considered in such regards. The details below will help you to understand much better. 

Their cycle variations 

In case you do not know, this is one of the most obvious in the number of cycles they are expected to complete before natural laws of depreciation will begin to set in. For instance, there are micro switches which have around 1million cycles. On the other hand, there are some which have up to 10million cycles. It all depends on which one that can fit into your project.  

It is also important to point out that just as these switches are different in terms of cycles that is how they vary with regards to cost. The higher such cycles are, that is how their cost will increase. It is also important to note that micro switches with 10million cycles will last longer than those which have 1milion cycles. 

Also, micro switches tend to vary in terms what they can be used for. There are those which can be used in heavy applications and appliances. These are not just rugged but can last as long as possible. They have much better features as compared to those that are used in smaller appliances. For instance, sliding doors have micro switches with much higher capacities as compared to those which are usually used in push button alarm systems.

The same can also be said of micro switches in timer devices. These are not expected to have too much higher capacities since the devices are not heavy in terms of features. Another example of heavy-duty appliance which requires micro switches with high capacity is elevator. Failure to use such micro switches in these applications will hinder them from working as expected. In other words, they may not last for long before breaking down due to excess amount of pressure.     

Brand variation 

There are lots of different brands producing micro switches in the market. It is very important you are careful about which of these switches to be bought since something can always go wrong. The reason is quite simple to grasp as some brands are not just worth your time. Try to find out whether a particular brand has proven to be very reliable over the years before making any kind of financial commitment.   

It is also recommended to go for OEM micro switches since they are as good as their branded counterparts. Sometimes, they can even be a much better option that you can use in any electrical project without complaint. Some brands usually do not produce micro switches with very high cycles. Instead, they prefer producing those that can be used in smaller applications. Ignoring this can make you spend money over and over again for replacement. In a worst case scenario, there is every chance that your device or application can become affected when the wrong micro switch is used. 

Therefore, it is important to purchase micro switches that are tested and proven to deliver. There are many of them in the market. Just choose the reliable brands and you are good to go.  

Feature variations

Micro switches are different in terms of physical features. For instance, there are those which usually come with 2 terminals. On the other hand, there are micro switches which have 3 terminals. The first group of switches are more common in the market as compare those with 3 terminals. 

The second group can sometimes be produced based on special request from buyers. It should be noted that despite the difference in such physical features, both set of micro switches will always carry out functions that are similar. For instance, they will conduct/regulate flow of current or detect changes in applications. In other words, nothing changes despite their differences in number of terminals. 

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Having said the above, it can be seen that micro switches are different in various areas. It is all about choosing the one that can meet your needs without any form of compromise. There are numerous options to make your choice from in the market. 

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