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Customized Basic Micro Switch Used In Dehumidifier

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Micro switches are frequently applicated in home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.But the micro switch is also applicated in the dehumidifier.

The micro switch inside the dehumidifier can play the part of shutting down as soon as the water tank is complete. When the dehumidifier functions normally, the generated water will flow in the water tank, the water level of the water tank rises (there is a float within the water tank), the float rises and triggers that the micro switch to shut, and the signal is sent to the computer . The fan and compressor stop functioning, So as to protect the water from the water tank from excessive outflow.

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The household dehumidifier is made up of a blower, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water container, a casing along with a control. The principle of the dehumidifier is just to suck the humid atmosphere into the machine via the enthusiast, condense the atmosphere from the air into water droplets through the heat exchange program, and then discharge the treated dry air from the machine to reduce the relative humidity throughout the air flow.

At the high humidity environment, the dehumidification result is better, the very low energy intake and the high cost functionality.

The micro switch in the dehumidifier is usually installed near the water tank. Its role is to shut down the unit when the tank is full. After the dehumidifier works generally, the generated water will flow in the water tank, along with the water level of the water tank rises (there is a floating ball within the water tank).

The floating ball rises and touches the micro switch to shut it. At this moment, the signal will be sent to the computer board and the fan stops working (That means, the dehumidifier stops the dehumidification function and does not generate water into the tank. Hence, the water at the protection tank doesn't flow out because of excessive.

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