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Can A 120V Mini Micro Waterproof Switch Push Button Get Damaged?

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Can A 120V Mini Micro Waterproof Switch Push Button Get Damaged?

There are lots of questions and debates that micro switches have generated over the years. While some of these have been quite understandable, other questions remain unrealistic in lots of regards. Most people have not started using micro switches due to the fact that they either do not understand what they can do or have one or two misunderstandings about such switches amongst others. The truth still remains that when compared to other types of switches in the market, micro switches are still one of the best. This is due to their features and functionalities. 

A micro switch is as reliable as any other switch you must have used in the past. This is probably one of the reasons why most of its users are always asking whether they can actually get damaged. This is one question that has generated lots of opinions both from micro switch experts and various users in recent times. 

Are you trying to find out whether micro switches can get damaged or not? Do you know that not understanding this aspect very well about such switches can deprive you of their benefits? This is because you will be making use of them based on guesswork. After checking out the details below about micro switches, you will definitely be in a good position to know whether they can get damaged or not. This is one aspect or topic about them that most people are yet to have an in-depth understanding about. 

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Do they actually get damaged?

The truth about micro switches that you need to understand is that they are just like any other switch in the market in terms of whether they can damage or not. This means that they can get damaged. They are not above damage as something can always go wrong while trying to make use of them. When this happens, they will not exhibit their features or carry out their functionalities again. 

When a micro switch is damaged, one thing is always certain. This is the fact that your device will not function as expected again. Simply put, it will begin to underperform. It is true that micro switches have very high level of reliability and durability. However, they can still get damaged due to one reason or another. 

This is one of the reasons why you will install a micro switch in your device and it will not work or function as expected. There is always something wrong that must have occurred if only you can find out the extent of such damage. There are micro switches that have lifecycles of up to 100,000. There are those that may even have higher life cycles. On the other hand, there are micro switches with about 10,000 or 5000 life cycles. However, the bottom line still remains that they can get damaged while working or being used. 

They have not been designed to work without experiencing any kind of fault. The only thing is that while some can be very rugged in terms of absorbing pressure and not getting easily damaged, others can be prone to damage. 

What can damage a micro switch?

Talking about micro switches being vulnerable to damages, it is important you understand some of these factors. 

Using the right micro switch

Do you have a project that you are undertaking at the moment which requires use of micro switch? Are you aware that choosing any micro switch to make use of is not just good enough? One of the facts that most people are yet to know about micro switches is they are different in terms of capacities. Just as explained above, there are some that have up to 10,000 cycles. What this means is that they will carry out their functions over and over again before experiencing any form of damage. 


However, it all depends on the project that you must have decided to use them in. For instance, if it is a heavy-duty project and requires the use of micro switch at one stage or another, ensure to make use of a micro switch with over 10,000 cycles. This will ensure it can withstand lots of pressure thereby standing the test of time. 

This is the only way to prevent the problem of micro switches getting damaged earlier than expected. On the other hand, you can choose a micro switch with less number of cycles when the project is not big. The pressure will not be much on it thereby making it to last as long as possible.


Although this is very rare but it can happen when ignored. Do you know that micro switches can get damaged by voltage? Their level of efficiency can be affected when the voltage that enters a device or appliance is too high. This is why you need to ensure your voltage is properly regulated. Do not forget that micro switches can help to regulate voltage or current which flows into the component of a device. However, such does not imply they have the ability to make voltage that is extremely high become moderate. They have not be built to carry out such a function. 

Instead, a micro switch is likely to be affected when the voltage becomes too high. When this happens, it will not be able to carry out its sensor functions in the most effective manner. This means that your micro switch will find it hard detecting any form of changes that may be on-going inside a device. A problem like this can make such device or appliance malfunction whenever it gets turned on. 

However, when the voltage is normal, there is no way a micro switch will get damaged. Please note that high voltage can mostly damage switches that are installed in appliances and devices to carry out detector or sensor functions. 

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Having said the above, it is obvious that micro switches can be damaged. There are lots of factors or variables that can make them prone to such condition as revealed above. If you can stick to the ideas mentioned in this post, your micro switch will definitely be in good condition.

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