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Can High Voltage Affect A Customized Waterproof Micro Switch While It Is Working In An Appliance?

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Can High Voltage Affect A Customized Waterproof Micro Switch While It Is Working In An Appliance?

There has been a major argument about micro switches and high voltage over the years amongst most people. Majority of these people are of the opinion that micro switches can be easily affected by high voltage. However, there are still people who do not believe such claim. Instead, they believe that such switches can still work fine regardless of whether voltage is low or high. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make effective use of your own micro switch thereby making it to last for as long as possible. 

Are you amongst those who are confused about whether high voltage can affect a micro switch or not? Do you know that understanding this subject matter about such switches is very crucial when it comes to getting the best from them? You do not have to panic anymore. The primary goal of this post is to reveal more about micro switches and high voltage. This will help you understand whether truly they can be damaged or not whenever the voltage is high. 

It is basically all about reading the details below and applying whatever you must have learnt in order to maximize the features of a micro switch. 

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Does High Voltage Actually Damage Them?

This is a very important question that most users of micro switches have been asking over the years. There is no need to be worried as you will get all the answers needed here today. 

Although many people have made you believe that micro switches cannot be ruined by high voltage, it is very important to note that such is not true in any way. These are similar to any other electrical component in your device or appliance. Do not forget that a micro switch has been installed to mostly help to regulate how current flows into other components. 

If it is at the heart of how current regulation, there is every chance that it can be easily affected. For instance, there are devices where it tends to function as on/off button. This is typical of some washing machine appliances whereby these switches can either be turned on/off. In a situation when there is high voltage, such can affect its features and functionalities to a great extent. 

There are cases when the button may not even function as usual again due to high voltage. Instead of thinking about whether a micro switch can be damaged by high voltage, it is much better to find out how your device can be protected from such. Even when a micro switch is expected to carry out its monitor or detective functions, it can still be affected or hindered when the voltage is excessively high. In such case, any contact point to be maintained can lead to fire outbreak. 

Most of the time, when high voltage is being talked about, most people are of the opinion that anything beyond 220volts can cause damage. This is not true as there are some voltage that cannot cause any harm to your switch. For instance, 250volts may not cause any harm. However, when it gets beyond such point, your switch and other components in such device or appliance are in danger of getting damaged. The truth that most people do not know is that micro switches are as fragile and sophisticated as other electrical components. 

How does high voltage affect micro switch 

After discovering from the above details about the fact that micro switches can be damaged by high voltage, there is no doubting the fact that you are eager to know how this can happen. This is quite simple to understand. For instance, there are two ways that such can happen. For instance, high voltage can either damage the physical properties of such switch or make them melt. Furthermore, high voltage can shorten the lifespan of a micro switch. This is probably one of the reasons why most micro switches do not last as long as expected. 

When the voltage is too high, it will not function properly. As time goes on, you will notice its components are being affected by factors of depreciation in lots of ways. Apart from high voltage, thunderstorm can also damage your switch. Just as said above, micro switches are highly durable but can be vulnerable to damage when the voltage becomes too high. Therefore, it is important you start devising means on how such high voltage can be dealt with in the most effective manner. It is the only way to get the best from such switch as its manufacturers must have guaranteed.   

How to protect a micro switch against high voltage effects 

Below are some of the best things you can do to protect such micro switch whenever the voltage seems to be high. Please note that although these may not offer 100% protection, your switch and appliance are very much secured. In a nutshell, it can do the job in the most effective manner. 

Using a power surge

Ensure that your device or appliance is connected to a power surge. This will protect the micro switch and other devices as well as appliances. With power surge, it will be protected from high voltage and thunderstorm.   

Another thing you can also do is ensure that your appliance (where micro switch has been installed) is unplugged during thunder storm. This can help especially when you are not around. For instance, the voltage may increase suddenly thereby exposing devices and appliances to getting damaged in your absence. Unplugging them can help avoid such problem from occurring. 

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Based on the above, it can be seen that a micro switch can be easily affected by high voltage in lots of ways. The best thing to do is apply the tip which has been revealed above. This will help a micro switch to last for as long as possible. It is all about ensuring that a micro switch functions in a device or appliance as expected. 

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