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Can I Connect A Micro Switch Terminals Without Soldering?

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Can I Connect A Micro Switch Terminals Without Soldering?

One of the most confusing components of a micro switch is its terminals. As simple as they may look or sound, it is very important you understand how to connect them in order to make your micro switch carry out its functions properly without interference. There are lots of people who make use of micro switches but still do not understand the right way of connecting their terminals for effective functioning. It is true that micro switches can detect changes which take place in devices and appliances. 

There is also no doubting the fact that they can determine whether current flow is allowed or interrupted in devices. For them to carry out these functions in the most effective manner, connecting them the right way is very important. The challenge is that most people do not know the right way of connecting their terminals. They are confused whether to have them soldered or not. 

Are you amongst those who have been mentioned above regarding the best way of connecting micro switch terminals? Do you know that not getting this process can cause lots of problems in the long run than imagined? This post will be explaining everything you need to know about micro switch terminals. It will also reveal the most reliable way of having them connected for effective usage. 

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What is a micro switch terminal?

A terminal is the point in a micro switch where wires are usually connected to. Most of the time, you will find micro switches having two terminals. However, there are special micro switches which have up to 3 terminals. They are points whereby wires which power a device or appliance meet.  

The diagram above is a typical example of a micro switch terminals. As you can see, there are two terminals. These have their specific functions once connected correctly as expected. For instance, in the above picture, Terminal 1 is known as the Normally Closed point while Terminal 2 is called Normally Open point. 

These points determine how electricity or current will be flowing into your device or appliance at different intervals. For instance, once the sensor detects some certain changes in the micro switch, the flow of voltage can be permitted. This means the micro switch will maintain a Normally Closed contact position at such point. The Normally Open position will only be maintained when the micro switch does not want current to flow to the components of such appliance. 

All of these take place through how the terminals have been connected. Also, you will notice from the picture above that there is a point where wires and metals can pass through in each of the terminals. If you are going to be powering your bulb with the aid of a micro switch, such is where the wires will have to pass through. 

Can micro switch terminals be connected without soldering?

Having been able to know what micro switch terminals are, it is high time you learnt whether connection without soldering is possible or not. The answer to the above question is yes it is very possible for the terminals of a micro switch to be connected without any form of soldering.  As a matter of fact, this is the most recommended option when your electrical product is not well –detailed. In other words, connecting micro switch terminals without soldering is the best option when your project is not a serious one. 

One of the benefits of this connection method is that you will not need to go through the hassle of searching for a soldering iron and all of its components. This is because all of these will not be required to get wires or metals connected to the micro switch terminals. Instead, you only need to wrap the wires around the holes of each terminal. This method of connection is very popular due to how quick it can be. 

As said earlier on, you only need to wrap the wires around the holes as shown in the above picture. There is no rocket science to make such process successful. All that is required of you is know which wire should be connected to the Normally Closed or Open terminal. Once this is properly understood, you can easily connect wires to a micro switch terminals without any need for soldering. 

Here is the problem with such connection 

It is true that connecting micro switch terminals without soldering is fast and easy. However, note that such practice has some shortcomings that have made it less popular amongst most people over the years. Some of these problems or challenges will be highlighted below: 

Disconnection problem 

Do you know that such connection can cause partial connection? It can make your device to be turned on/off at random. A problem of this nature can lead to damage of components in your electrical appliance. This is because there will be a random flow of electricity amongst such components. 

The essence of a micro switch is to help control how an appliance functions or works over a given period of time. It will help to regulate the rate at which current tends to flow amongst the components of a device. The problem is that when the wires are not firm on holes of the terminals, there is bound to random disconnection and connection. The reason is that there will not be proper physical contact. 

Here is the solution

The best way to connect the terminals of a micro switch is soldering. Although this may take time as compared to using wires to wrap the holes, it is guaranteed to ensure any problem related to partial contact is avoided. This is why you need to solder the wires properly. With this process, you are always guaranteed that your micro switch will not malfunction.   

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Based on the above facts, it is obvious that there are lots of pros and cons involved when it comes to connecting micro switch terminals without soldering. It is very important to consider your options carefully before making decision on whether to carry on with such a connection method. Above all, it is much better to use solder iron.  

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