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China Micro Swithes Manufacturer Tell You How To Repair A Micro Switch

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The idea of micro switch isn’t supported by most people who don’t understand what the device is basically all about. Sometimes you may want to consider the option of buying a new one instead of repairing the one you already have. A study carried out showed that over 90% of people don’t really fancy the idea of repairing micro switches. Most of them claimed they were inexpensive and as such, can be easily replaced with another. Could they really be right? Find out more by reading the details below.

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Are you wondering why the idea of micro switch repair is very important? Do you know that repairing a micro switch is always better as compared to buying another one? In case you are wondering how this can be done, there is no doubt you have come to the right place. This post will be showing you how to repair any micro switch of your choice today without breaking a sweat.


You will be wondering why it has taken this long to understand the repair techniques and strategies being shared here. They may sound simple but have proven to be very efficient when it comes to making such electrical switches function once again.


Why is micro switch repair important?

Micro switches are becoming very popular. One of the reasons for such is that they are very affordable. The average price for a micro switch can range from $7-$15. Please note that it can be higher or lower as the cost will always depend majorly on the type of micro switch you plan purchasing.

Given such affordable price, most people are always tempted to buy instead of considering the option of repairing their micro switches. In case you are one of them, below are some of the reasons why you have to repair such electrical switches.



This is one of the major reasons why you need to consider repairing your micro switch today instead of buying one outright. Have you ever bought a micro switch that can’t fit into your device perfectly? It simply means your device isn’t compatible with it. There is no need trying search for the compatible model since such effort may prove futile eventually.


Micro switches have unique specifications. They are not one-type-fits-all switches. This means you can’t just go and purchase any switch in the market with the hope that it will work. Such is only a recipe for spending more money than expected.


The best way to get around this challenge is sticking with the switch you already have. It only needs to be fixed in order to start functioning once again as expected. There are some micro switches you may not find in the market. Even in cases when they seem available, finding them won’t be an easy task. This is why you have to repair the original one your device has been known to work with.


They can sometimes be expensive

If you’ve got a device that makes use of one of those special micro switches, be expected to pay lots of money in order to purchase it. It is true that micro switches are affordable. However, you have to understand that this doesn’t apply to all of them. There are some specifications/models which may require you to spend top dollar.


If you have very limited budget, this becomes a problem given that it can’t be purchased. Situations like these are common with micro switch specifications/models which are scare in the market. In this case, you will have to explore the option of repairing your existing switch. It means you will save some money along the lines.  


Waste reduction

Unless you enjoy the idea of having lots of items hanging around your home with little or no importance, choosing the option of micro switch repair over buying another won’t be difficult. The world is doing everything it can to reduce pollution by every means. You don’t need to litter the place with micro switches which can be repaired and put to effective use once again.


There is no need condemning a micro switch to waste when you haven’t even attempted checking what might have gone wrong. The worst part is that keeping such switches as waste around the home is dangerous especially when there are kids. This is because they can lead to injuries thereby making you spend more than necessary.


The repair process

Having understood why your micro switch has to be repaired instead of buying another one, there is no doubt that you are eager to commence the repair process. Below are the steps to get started.


Step 1

You will need to have the micro switch opened. Before this is done, it is important to study how it has been sealed. V7 and V3 series have been known to be held together with the aid of one rivet. For the rivet to be removed, you will need a drilling tool.


Step 2

Once you have opened the switch, the components can be seen easily. This is where you can see what must have actually gone wrong with such electrical switch. Please take note of how it is assembled before going any further. This will help avoid any confusion once you are trying to have it re-assembled.


Two things you need to do here are:

·         Have the connector pulled out

·         Get the switch activated for contact pressure to be removed

Once these have been done, you can then have the parts cleaned properly to ensure dirt is removed.


Step 3

Once you’ve done the above, it is high time the switch got re-assembled. It is possible to use a nut, lock washer and screw for this purpose instead of rivet. In order to test whether the switch is working as expected, you can make use of an ohmmeter. This will enable you have each contact tested.

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Based on the above, it is obvious that there are many reasons why you have to consider the option of repairing a micro switch instead of purchasing a new one. Also, you can see that the repair process isn’t complicated as most experts are making it sound.

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