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Custom Micro Switch Used In Electric Kettle From Electric Kettle Switch manufacturers

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The electrical kettle is a very typical household appliance for everybody. The main principle is to utilize the water vapor created when the water comes to permeate the bimetal of this steam sensing element, and apply the lever rule to split the micro switch. To be able to get the purpose of automatic electricity, the electric kettle is automatically powered off after the water is pumped. The power failure is not self-resetting, so the kettle will not automatically reheat after the power is switched off.

When the electrical kettle is energized to create heat, the water temperature climbs. After the water boils, the pot automatically cuts off power to conserve energy.

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In reality, the principle is very straightforward. The electric heating tube is installed at the base of the kettle, along with also the micro switch is installed at the top end of the deal. A metallic piece is set up facing the micro switch, and there's a square hole facing the metallic bit. The square hole leads to the interior of the pot.

The principle appears simple, but its distinctive use environment requires that the components used in the electrical kettle have certain waterproofness. The micro switch is frequently adopted as the international industry standard watertight rating standard (IP).

According to different levels, the standard does not have any watertight protection from level 0; to level 7 could be immersed in water in a short time (1m); even amount 8 is soaked below a specific pressure for a very long time to differentiate.

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