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Does Micro Switch Carry Out Similar Function As Rocker Switch?

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Does Micro Switch Carry Out Similar Function As Rocker Switch?

There have been lots of arguments about micro switches and rocker switches amongst users in recent times. Most people usually assume that both are one and the same which is not true in any way. As a matter of fact, rocker switches and micro switches have been built or developed for different purposes by companies. Failure to understand this fact will make you spend money purchasing the wrong type of switch since it cannot meet your needs. It has been discovered that most people buy micro switches when they are supposed to purchase rocker switches or the other way round. 

Are you amongst the people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that there are implications for lack of proper understanding about rocker switches and micro switches? There is no need to be bothered though. This is because you will soon find out what makes both switches different. This post will be revealing in-depth details about them including how they are used. The difference between rocker switches and micro switches is not that obvious. This is because both have been designed to carry out roles or functions that are almost similar. 

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What is a micro switch? 

A micro switch is usually installed in devices to regulate the flow of current amongst components. It is also known as snap-action switch due to how it has been designed to function. For instance, you will have to press the switch in order to trigger the flow of electricity amongst components of a device. Without the presence of a micro switch in most applications and appliances today, it will be difficult for them to perform optimally. The reason for this is quite simple to understand since micro switches go beyond just getting electrical appliances powered. 

They are also known to automate how these devices function. By automation, we simply mean the process of carrying out certain roles without the help of anyone. This is probably one of the reasons why micro switches have become very popular in recent times amongst other types of switches you will come across in the market. 

For instance, they can help to detect changes in a sliding door to either open or close. It all depends on the buttons that have been pressed. Of course, you must have seen doors that close without someone having to come in physical contact with them. As you are getting closer to them, they will open or close on their own. This is typical of elevators.  

What is a rocker switch?

A rocker switch is almost the same as micro switch which has been explained above. In other words, they are used to switch appliances on/off. They are usually referred to as toggle switches given their designs. Users only need to get them toggled to a particular direction in order for devices to start working as expected. Just like micro switches, they can also determine how current flows to components in an appliance. Their major function in these appliances is to ensure power surge problems are completely avoided. 

Also, they can be used to determine how an appliance will work over a given period of time. For instance, all you have to do is press the switch in order to have it powered on or off. Some of the appliances you will usually find rocker switches are stabilizers, generators, and wall sockets. Although they are not as popular as micro switches, they are used all over the world to regulate the functionalities of most appliances. 

Unlike micro switches, it should be noted that rocker switches are not automated. In other words, they have not been designed to detect the changes which happen in devices and appliances. This is probably one of the areas where they have proven to be very different as compared to micro switches. 

More details on their differences

Automation is one obvious aspect where micro switches seem to be different from rocker switches. The former have the ability to make devices and appliances work in an automated way. This is typical of washing machines which are known to help out in the laundry work. However, such could not have been done effectively without the installation of micro switches in them. For instance, they are known to carry out detective roles in such applications. This could be in the form of checking water level to know whether it is okay or not. They can also check whether the door of a washing machine is closed or not. 

There are even some cars which make use of micro switches to detect whether doors are closed properly or not. When this happens, they send messages to the dashboard which the driver can interpret and make the right decision. They can also detect whether the daylight is bright enough or not. Such detection makes it possible for them to have the headlights turned on automatically.

Rocker switches on the other hand, are not known to enable automatic functions in a device or appliance. Instead, they are used in manually controlling such applications. You can see them as traditional switches unlike micro switches which tend to offer users much more functionalities and features. 


What are their similarities?

Having talked about the differences between micro switches and rocker switches, it is high time we discussed their similarities. There is only one aspect where these two switches seem to be similar. This has to do with how they tend to regulate the flow of current in appliances. For instance, both have “normally closed” and ‘normally open” contact points. 

It is through these contact points that current can either flow to various components in an application or stop flowing. “Normally Closed” for instance, ensures flow of current while “Normally Open” does not.   

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Based on the above, it can be seen that there is a clear difference between a rocker switch and micro switch. Ensure you considered details about their functionalities as well as features before deciding on which one to make use of in your electrical appliance. Overall, it can be said that micro switches are more advanced.  

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