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Door Switch

Refrigerator door switches

A highly recognized pioneer in fridge door switches Arcolectric / Bulgin supplies a vast assortment of various types and different configurations of switches to accommodate a massive array of applications.

Switch rating from 0.2A, 250V ac up to 5A, 250Vac

Splash resistant variants

Choice of actuators Momentary on and momentary off switching

Available with both dual pole and single rod alternatives, Arcolectric / Bulgin's door buttons aren't confined to just conventional refrigerator and freezer software but can also be acceptable for use in an assortment of door programs.

We supply our customer refrigerator doors switches, which function under the temperatures ranging from 10 level C to 80 C. These fridge switches are available in various colour options to cater to the diverse needs of our clientele. Manufactured using quality stuff, these are famous for features like optimal functionality, ideal finishing and higher efficiency.

Zinc Alloy Door Switch

Door Release Button/Exit Button/Emergency Button/Push Button Switch: Aluminum metal panel, Stainless Steel Button, Auto reset,Can be utilized as door release button, so it is popular for access control platform.

Made of zinc alloy material, with matte effects processing.

Compact and exquisite appearance.

Dedicated layout, without mechanical malfunction.

Undergoing 500000 times constant clicking tests, very lasting to utilize.

Good to touch, simple to operate and utilize.

Activates magnetic lock, digital lock or alternative door access control systems through keypad.

Cabinet door switch

-Tight Configuration,Small Contact Gap , Snap Action

-Long Life, High Reliability

-Global Safety Approvals

-Variety of Terminals

-Wide Range Operating Force

-Wide Range Temperature Grade

-With Optional PTI Grade

-Variety of Levers

-Variety Used in Home Applicances, Electronic Equipments, Automatic Machines,

Communication Equipments

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We are a switch manufacturing enterprise with more than 25 years’ experience in making switches. All of our switches have UL, ENEC, EK, CQC etc. approvals. Our switches are widely used in electronic instruments, home appliances, automotive electronics and electric tools, annual production capacity more than 300 million pcs of switches.
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