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What's an Encoder?

An encoder is a detector of mechanical movement that creates digital signals in response to movement. As an electro-mechanical apparatus, an encoder can offer movement control system consumers with advice regarding the position, speed and direction. There are two distinct kinds of encoders: linear and rotary. A linear encoder responds to movement along a course, even though a rotary encoder responds to rotational movement. An encoder is usually categorized by the resources of its own output. An incremental encoder creates a train of pulses that may be employed to ascertain the position and rate. An absolute encoder creates unique little configurations to monitor rankings right.

Basic Types of Encoders

Vertical M Type Encoder

Vertical W Type Encoder

5mm Encoder

7mm Encoder

9mm Encoder

11mm Encoder

13mm Encoder

rotary encoder

arduino rotary encoder

optical rotary encoder

absolute rotary encoder

adafruit rotary encoder

magnetic rotary encoder

sparkfun rotary encoder

rotary encoder switch

The building of both of these forms of encoders is very similar; nevertheless they vary in physical attributes and also the interpretation of motion.

Advantages of a Encoder

- Low-cost feedback

- Highly reliable and accurate

- Can be incorporated into existing applications

- High resolution

- Fuses optical and digital technology

- Integrated electronics

- Compact size

Unionwell provides experience in cross viewing a vast array of rotary encoders from some other makers. We maintain a comprehensive library of encoder specifications and dimensional data covering a broad selection of aggressive encoder solutions. We're conscious of the significance of machine-down circumstance and manage encoder replacements and crossover asks in the most expeditious way possible.


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