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Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Micro Switch

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What is a micro switch

A micro switch responds to environment changes by opening or shutting a set of shifting contacts to restrain an appliance. If the micro switch feels movement out of it's environment, a plunger is pressed or released to start or close a circuit. The plunger actuator demands a particular quantity of force against it to alter the touch manner, which is just one of our custom choices!

Each micro-switch includes a plunger actuator to switch the contact style, but a lot of them possess an extra actuator like a float or sail, to feel the surroundings alter, such as fluid level or air flow. Unionwell provides many different actuator choices along with the fundamental plunger design:

Sail/Paddle Actuator

Leaf Actuator

Styrene Float Actuator

Whisker Actuator

Roller Actuator

Microswitches are very popular these days, as they are not only micro in size they are also highly effective. They can be used in various devices and appliances, which requires quick and effective switch which can work with less current flow as well. These switches are used in heating systems, industrial equipment, alarm systems, etc.

When it comes to choosing the right micro switch, several factors need to be taken into consideration. These factors are:

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The dimension of these switches is one of the major features that should be considered before picking one. The size of the microswitch decides what will be its travel force, operating force, and even its current range. Depending on the type of circuit and the requirement of the current, the size of the switches is decided.  

Smaller switches are chosen when current up to 3 amps is required in a circuit. Also, the smaller switches can break current easily as the strokes are smaller. Therefore, it will depend on the type of appliance in which these switches will be installed. 

Electrical specifications

One of the best things about the microswitches is the fact that there is a wider range of amperage of these switches. Therefore, these switches are effective in smaller, low electric power devices and also in higher electric power load systems. 

The amperage ranges lowest from 5mA / 5VDC to the highest range of 25Ma / 25VDC. You should understand current and voltage requirement in the first step to pick the right switch. Many home appliances and devices are designed to use low voltage and current, therefore the switches should break at low current and voltage. 


When choosing the right micro switch, the circuit must be taken into account. Not every micro switch works for every microswitch. There are usually two types of circuits, normally closed and normally open contact circuits.

 In the normally closed circuits, the contact is closed and the current passes through it, and when the switch is actuated the contacts disconnect, disconnecting the current. In normally open circuits, the contact is not in touch and thus the electricity is not passing through. When the switch is pressed, the circuits close and the current starts flowing.

Usage conditions

Lastly, for choosing the micro switch it is very crucial to take the conditions of use into account. Which appliance the switch will be used in and what temperature conditions, it is in, will decide what type of switch to be used. This is very crucial in critical equipment where there is a need for complete reliability, like in medical equipment, safety devices, and industrial equipment.

It is important to make sure that the switch has a wider temperature resistance range (-54 degree Celsius to 177 degrees Celsius). Other than this, the microswitch also should have an IP67 protection level to make the switch waterproof. Also, make sure that the switch has pollutant resistance. Keeping these features in mind will increase the overall life of the switches manifold.

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