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Frequently Asked Questions About Micro Switches

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Micro switches are becoming more popular than ever before. The reason for this positive development can be traced to the fact that they tend to offer more advantages as compared to other types of electrical switches being used in electrical appliances. These are benefits like reliability, affordability and high level of flexibility. It is a technology which seems to be getting better and better with the passage of time.

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Here is the challenge

Despite all of these benefits, most companies are yet to start including these switches in their electrical appliances/devices. In case you are planning to make use of micro switches but don’t really know where to start from, it is better to first of all get a grasp of what they are all about. In case you are looking for where to find reliable information about these switches, there won’t be any need for such.


This is because the major aim of this post is to reveal some of the frequently asked questions about micro switches. Understanding these questions and their answers will help you know how such electrical switches have been designed to function. There is no doubting the fact that after checking out the details below, you will have a much better awareness about these electrical switches.


What is an operating force?

This is a common term used with regards to micro switches. The problem is that most people usually don’t understand what it means. It is the amount of force which is required to get the switch actuated. Newtons is what an operating force is usually measured in. Simply put, it is through the operating force that a micro switch will begin to work as expected.


Through the operating force in a micro switch, it becomes possible for the circuit to be opened or closed. For a manufacturer to determine the amount of forces to be included in this form of electrical switch, various factors will have to be considered. One of the most popular is what is meant to be triggered.


What are its contact materials?

Contact materials for micro switches are always selected based on their levels of durability. Manufacturers of these electrical switches can decide to make use of materials like nickel, brass, silver, gold and various types of alloys. Furthermore, various materials are also considered for their stationary as well as moving parts to be built correctly. There are instances whereby manufacturers may want to consider including double clad materials or not. Whatever the case may be, materials used in building micro switches are always durable.


What is their life cycle?

Micro switches have been built to withstand tough conditions. This means they can last as long as possible when included in electrical devices and appliances. They are known to have a very high operating life which is why electronic manufacturers are beginning to embrace their options more than ever before.

It should be noted that that operating life cycles of micro switches which have been built for industrial uses are higher than those designed for consumer products. The benefit of those used in consumer products is that they tend to command lower prices than their industrial counterparts. In other words, they can be easily replaced when the need arises.


What are its case materials?

It should be noted that contact materials explained above are different from case materials. The case materials for micro switches are highly durable. They are very sturdy materials which can help preserve the life of micro switches. In most cases, producer/manufacturers prefer the option of fiberglass while constructing these electrical switches.


In cases where it is necessary, manufacturers may consider the option of including special materials like nitrile materials. Rubbers are used to cushion the effects of vibration and shock in areas where these may pose some threats. The case materials can also include zinc and steel. There is something special about micro switches. This is the fact that they are always durable when any of these materials are used.


What is the meaning of micro switch actuators? 

Actuators are very important components of micro switches. They are responsible for ensuring these electrical switches function as expected. An actuator is responsible for the conversion of energy into motion. Apart from being used in micro switches, it can also be used in various forms of industrial applications. These could be valves, pumps, motors and others.

Simply put, an actuator provides the means through which there is application of mechanical force to enable the switch easily change from one state to another. Actuators are usually available in various designs. These could be in the form of levelers, buttons and others. The type of actuator to be used depends on what device it is meant to be used on.


What Are micro switch Boots?

These are usually positioned over the actuator. They can be put in order to provide some protection by preventing materials from entering the switch. They can also be put for the purpose of identification. Sometimes, manufacturers include them in micro switches to make it very easy to identify. They are proving to be an important component of micro switches in recent times.


What are the functions of micro switch hex nuts?

These have the specific functions of ensuring micro switches are properly held in place. They get threaded into the switches for the purpose of making them (micro switches) firm. Another reason why they are important is that they can help in securing such switches. Removing them is easy once there is need for such. They provided additional protection for micro switches thereby making them last as expected.

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Based on the above details, it is very obvious that there are lots of questions with regards to micro switches which most people aren’t aware of. The above questions and answers will prove to be a perfect start when it comes to understanding how these devices have been manufactured to function. It is possible to ask a manufacturer about more functions of the various components being mentioned above.

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