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How Do I Choose An Electrical Switch?

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Most people are yet to understand the fact that there are lots of factors which usually come into play when trying to choose amongst electrical switches. Whether you are undertaking a new project in your home/office or doing some remodeling, this is one task which can seem very complicated. Selecting the wrong switches can put your project at risk of not being successfully completed. Sometimes you are tempted to consider only color and appearance which is a recipe for spending more money later on. 

Are you thinking about how to choose an electrical switch? Do you know that such task isn’t complicated unless you don’t know how to choose the right one for your project? There are lots of switches to choose from and you’ve got to come up with the right strategies/plan in order to ensure the perfect on which fits into your project is chosen. There is no need to bother how such can be done since this post will be aiming to help you out today. It will be listing out some of the variables to take into consideration while trying to choose an electrical switch. 

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Make A List

Despite this tip being very important, it is shocking to find out that most people usually don’t get it right while trying to choose the perfect electrical switches. The reason why a list shouldn’t be taken for granted is that every room may require different electrical switches. Trying to purchase the same switch in such case won’t do you any good since they may not fit in perfectly. This isn’t the time to do any guesswork since something can go wrong. Instead, check all the locations that require electrical switches in order to be sure of what to purchase. 

Even if you plan choosing a micro switch for any project, it is also important to know the particular type or model which is required. Another reason why a list is required for such a project is that it ensures you don’t have to choose an odd electrical switch. In this case, it helps you to form an opinion or basis on the switches that every location around the home actually needs. You also need to take down the model number in order to know the actual electrical switch for each spot. 

Consider switch features

There are different types of electrical switches in the market. Each of these may have the similar functionalities but their features are different. This is probably where you will have to make a decision on the type required for such project. For instance, switches differ in terms of how they are triggered. While some can be triggered automatically, others require that this process be carried manually. 

Switches which are triggered manually require processes such as pulling, pushing, or flipping. On the other hand, automatic switches will require proximity or some other factors in order to be triggered. In most cases, the latter option is always more expensive as compared to the former. Therefore, ensure you have done your research properly before reaching a decision. 

Never ignore functions

Without the functions of an electrical switch being considered, the original purpose of such project may be defeated. It is very important you determine the functions that such electrical switch needs to carry out while being used. For instance, it could be that your project require either single throw switches or double throw switches. 

Single throw switches are usually built or designed to power one device. Double throw switches on the other hand can power two devices. It could be bulbs or other electrical appliances. Before reaching a decision in this regard, it is very important you know some details about such devices or appliances. This is probably where you will need to carry out some research in order to know more about electrical inputs to control.  

Know the type of electrical switch

This is also another important tip which most people usually ignore while trying to choose an electrical switch. You have to understand the type which can fit into your project. This tip comes into play when your list doesn’t specify the type of switch which is required. 

Even when you are purchasing a micro switch for any electrical project, this is very crucial. At the moment, there are modular switches and conventional switches. The first option is the most preferred by homeowners. Although the option of conventional switches used to be great, it seems to have phased out. Choosing it will greatly depend on the type of project you are undertaking. 

Current rating should be considered

Current rating is also very important since it will greatly determine how the electrical switch will function once installed. One of the factors which can determine your choice in this regards is the device or appliance you plan using such switch for. Most of the switches in the market usually make use of 1 or 2 electrical inputs. Although there are some which can control around 5 inputs, these are rare. 

Again it depends on what you are trying to control around the home. For instance, current rating of 6A/10A is perfect for fans and lights. If you have lights that are heavier, cooler and television, it is recommended you choose the one with 16A/20A. Finally, for very heavy appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and geysers, it is much better to go for an electrical switch with a current rating of 25A/32A. 

Never ignore safety 

It doesn’t really matter the features of a switch as it isn’t complete without the materials being used in its build-up/design to ensure safety. Quality electrical switches are made with fire retardant materials. It is crucial the sockets are shuttered in order to avoid children being exposed to electric shock. Every switch carries “ISI” mark which helps you to know more about its level of safety. 

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Based on the above, it is very obvious that the use of choosing an electrical switch is very easy to do once you understand the process of getting it right. By following the tips outlined here, you will be able to find the right ones for any project today. 

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