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How Do You Fix A Rocker Light Switch?

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How Do You Fix A Rocker Light Switch?

Rocker light switches are definitely more popular than they used to be. You will see them used in controlling different types of lights. This could not have been possible if they were not reliable and highly effective. The problem is that most people are yet to understand some facts about these forms of switches. If you are purchasing a rocker light switch, understanding how it can be fixed in times of trouble is very crucial and should not be ignored in any way. 

Do you have a rocker light switch? Are you planning to use it for one of those your electrical projects but do not understand how it can be fixed without breaking a sweat? The truth is that there are lots of problems you can suffer by not understanding how a rocker light switch can be fixed. This post will be revealing some of the most reliable methods of fixing such switches. Just ensure to read the details from beginning to the end. You will definitely find out that this is one of the simplest tasks to do amongst others in rocker light switches. 

What is a rocker light switch?

It is important that before explaining how these switches can be fixed/repaired, you know what they are in any environment. They are switches which are screwed to walls in order to control lights and other appliances. They are very common in homes and other environments. 

Just like conventional or traditional rocker switches, they can either be toggled back and forth. For instance, both sides cannot remain downwards or upwards. Instead, one side will remain downwards while the other will be upwards. This is an indication that they can either be maintaining a switched on or off position. 

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In the rocker light switches shown above, you will notice that each of them is maintaining one position as explained. This means their contact positions are either open or closed depending on how the connections have been made. In other words, there is either circuit breakage or flow of current. As said, rocker light switches operate in a similar way like conventional switches for appliances such as stabilizers. 

Common rocker light switch problems you should know

Before delving into the aspect of revealing how to fix rocker light switches, it is important to reveal some of the common faults that yours can be experiencing at the moment. 

1 - Broken toggle 

Have you ever experienced those situations whereby you cannot press such switch down or upwards? In other words, the lever is finding it hard to get the actuators activated. This is a sign of a broken toggle. You will notice that the plastic which is usually pressed downwards or upwards is loose. In this case, it cannot make any reasonable contact.

2 - Faulty or bad connection 

Do you know that a bad connection can affect your rocker light switch from functioning at its best? This is one common problem affecting switches that most people are yet to know. It is possible that there are floating wires due to loose terminal screw. For instance, when terminal screws are loose, it becomes difficult for wires to be firm and make necessary contacts in such switch. 

A problem such as this can bring about intermittent contacts. It is a situation whereby the lights will not come up at certain times despite being switched on. One of the major causes of loose terminals is building up of carbon over a given period of time. 

3 - Wear and tear problem

It does not really matter what the sellers or manufacturers of rocker light switches are trying to say as one thing is always certain. This is fact they (switches) will not last forever. It means at some point in time, they will no longer be as effective as expected. A proof of this is that the components will be affected as they will be yearning for repairs and replacement. 

Sometimes you will try to toggle the switch back and forth but nothing will happen. The bulbs will not be turned on. It should be noted that while other problems can be addressed, this one requires outright replacement. 

How to fix rocker light switches 

The first thing to know is that you need a screw driver. This will help have such switches removed from the walls for easy access. 

Checking the wires 

This is the first thing to do in a rocker light switch that is faulty. Check whether the wires are firm on each of their terminals. The reason why you have to do this first is that it could be that the wires are having partial contacts due to loose terminals as explained above. 

In this case, just use a screw driver to tighten the terminals thereby making the wires firm in their respective terminals. 

Checking the toggles 

If the toggle of a rocker light switch is stiff, it will not respond once pressed. This means it can neither have lights switched on nor switched off. A functional toggle is supposed to respond whenever pressed. Apart from being stiff, it can also be loose. 

In such case, check if it is something you that can be replaced. Most rocker light switches have been built in such a way that repairing their components is not possible. Instead, you may have to replace the entire switch. 

The internet gives you plenty of options in terms of available toggle switches that can be used in your rocker light switch. You just need to find the right one that will fit in perfectly. 

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Based on the above details, it can be seen that rocker light switches can be fixed. However, it is important to know what could have gone wrong with your rocker light switch before attempting to have it fixed. This is because sometimes, it will be better to have it completely replaced instead of fixing. Switches affected by wear and tear factor usually fall into this category. This is because their components must have depreciated. 

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