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How Do You Hook Up A Limit Switch?

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One of the easiest ways to make effective use of limit switches is knowing how they have been designed to work. It has been discovered that most people don't know much about these switches. This has further limited how they can put them to use in their various electrical projects. According to experts, limit switches are going to form an integral part of most electrical devices in the future. This is why having an in-depth knowledge about them is very important. 

One aspect that most people have found confusing in recent times is how limit switches can be hooked up. Are you amongst these people? Do you know that hooking up a limit switch is very easy once you understand the process of doing such? There is no need looking for the solution to such challenge. This is because the major aim of this post will be to explain everything you should know about limit switches.  There is no doubting the fact that after checking out the details below, you will definitely be able to hook up any type of limit switch purchased in the market. 

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Here is an untold fact

The first thing you have to understand about limit switches is that they aren't the same as micro switches. It has been discovered that most people consider them to be the same. Therefore, they are always attempting to use similar approach. Limit switches have been designed to have the ability of presence-sensing. That is detecting whether an object is absent or present. Simply put, limit switches carry out roles which are similar to sensors thereby detecting absence and presence. It is the sensor that is responsible for producing signals through which electrical devices and appliances are controlled. 

In case you are still struggling to understand the explanation about limit switches above, they are automatically detecting or sensing an object's presence. The aim is to check, indicate or monitor whether such object's movement has been exceeded or not. Just as the name implies, limit switches are used to detect an object's endpoint. They usually have plunger, knob, lever, and lever. These are activated mechanically through physical contact with another object. Once the object comes in contact with such switch's actuator, it (the actuator) will be moved to its limit. 

Limit switch is only term that has been derived to explain how a device or application operates. When an object comes in contact with the switch's operator, the actuator will be moved to a point whereby there is change of state. It is this mechanical process or action that can make electrical contacts to be either closed or open. Limit switches are mounted into locations (remote) in order to ensure they are actuated by objects instead of being operated by humans. 

Their basic functions are detection of speed, breaking of live circuits during conditions that are unsafe, detection of movement range, counting, detection of presence/absence, travel limit detection and more. As a matter of fact, limit switches are used in lots of applications people make use of today. Some of the reasons why they are being put to use in recent times more than before are their high level of flexibility, accuracy, minimal energy consumption capacity, and ability to control various loads.

How to hookup a limit switch

Having known what limit switches are including how they have been built to function within electrical appliances, it is time to understand how to hook up one today. This is very simple once you can follow the right procedures as explained below. 

By hooking up a limit switch, we simply mean how it can be wired without any problem and connected to another device. Follow the steps outlined below for better understanding of how this process can be done. 

Step 1

You will need to have a location selected to ensure the arm of such switch is able to actuate fully. It should also be possible for easy maintenance. 

Step 2

A hole will have to be drilled for every mounting screw. Ensure to make use of small drill bits. This will make the mounting screws fit in perfectly. 

Step 3

Use one hand to hold such switch while using other hand in installing the screw. It is possible to start the screws using a drill. However, always ensure to make use of a screw driver during the process of tightening it finally. This will avoid getting the holes stripped. 

Hooking up or Wiring the switch

Once you have done the above as instructed, it is high time to start the process of getting your limit switched hooked up. Just follow each of the steps below to do this effectively. 

Step 1

With the aid of diagonal pliers, remove around 1/4inch insulation from your wire. This wire is always expected to connect an appliance and carries current thereby enabling such device to work whenever powered. 

Step 2

The power's exposed conductor should be inserted into the COM terminal. Using a screwdriver, This will have to be tightened in order to make it firm. 

Step 3

Again, use diagonal pliers to remove your control wire's insulation end (1/4inch).  The control wire should be connected to the device or appliance which the limit switch is meant to control. 

Step 4

The control wire's exposed conductor should be inserted into the NC or NO terminal. After that, the terminal retention screw should be tightened. You can make use of a screwdriver for this purpose.

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That is how you can successfully get any limit switch hooked up to an electrical device without issues. Although the process above is quite simple, it is recommended that you ensure to understand how it is properly done to make such limit switch work as expected. Furthermore, there are some specifications that you need to understand before going about such connections. These could be how the limit switch works in terms of travel to operate, highest switching frequency, repeatability, travel to operate, total travel and others. These shouldn't be taken for granted in any way. 

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