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How Do You Hook Up A Micro Switch?

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Getting a micro switch fixed can be a simple thing to achieve. Similarly, you can also damage a micro switch if it is not wired properly. It only takes a particular wrong wiring for you to fry your component. That is why you should observe all precautions and make sure you are following instructions when you are connecting a micro switch. That said, it is not only about connecting the micro switch the right or the wrong way. If you are connecting the micro switch with the right connections, you still have to do the soldering properly, otherwise, the wiring will come off, and the device may just stop working. 

Which brings us to the important question – what do you need to know so you can get your micro switch wiring right, and make it last for a long time to come. Here are some of the tips you should have.

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Get everything ready

You do not want to start running around when you commence wiring your micro switch. If you do not have everything that is required before you commence the wiring process, you are bound to run into some form of difficulty later. Therefore, you can only solve that challenge by making sure all what you would be needing in the process is on ground and available. 

Get your soldering iron, wire stripper, lead/tin, and clips in place before you get started with your micro switch wiring. There might be a lot more things that you will need to accomplish your micro switch wiring. What you will need depends on the scope of whatever it is you are working on. The bottom line is that you make sure whatever you need should be made available and ready before you start working. 

Avoid solder blobs

Soldering a micro switch requires total concentration and a lot of focus. This is something you have to give your all to if you are hoping to get it right. Trying to do this in a hurry will only result to you repeating the entire process. At no costs should you try executing your soldering in a hurry. Make sure your soldering does not form blobs on the legs of the micro switch. That could ruin all your hard work and sacrifice. If it were possible, ensure you execute your soldering in a smooth and neat manner. When you do it that way, you can expect the current to flow within the micro switch as it ought to. 

Duration of heat 

A good soldering iron can do a bad job for you if you do not know how to make use of it. There is a lot more to ensuring a proper working micro switch than to just get a good soldering iron. You need to be careful of the kind of heat you are exposing the micro switch to. Excessive heat could damage the leg of the micro switch, rendering it useless forever. 

I’m not trying to say you should place a timer by your side as you solder a micro switch leg. All you should do is to leave the soldering iron on top of the wire of micro switch leg for a short while. After that, you should remove the soldering iron from the micro switch leg. Unfortunately, so many people don’t know this, and have ended up frying up so many micro switches. All micro switches have a temperature range which they can tolerate. Anything outside that range will only bring about a lasting damage to the micro switch. You certainly do not want that to happen, so do everything to avoid it. 

The right voltage

You have been told in the preceding paragraph that over-heating your micro switch is not just unprofessional, but it could also lead to the damaging of the switch. But that doesn’t mean you will have to power your soldering iron with a lesser voltage because you don’t want it to destroy something. Using a lesser amount of power to heat your soldering iron is just as bad as when you do so with more than the required heat. The ideal approach is for you to connect the soldering iron with maximum voltage and allow it to heat for a short while. Some conventions work with a period of ten seconds. That might work for you as well. 

Authentic materials

Soldering materials are of differing quality. In every facet of manufacturing, you will always come across the high quality materials and the ones that are not of high quality. That should be printed at the back of your mind before you buy anything. It is only when you apply original materials that your micro switch will work optimally and last the test of time. 

This is specifically important for the lead/tin you are using. Endeavor to get the best. An inferior material will not be able to hold the wire in place for long. It will amount to a waste of resources. But if you use an authentic material, you can be sure of the best. 

Soldering skills

This one may not be necessary if you are just starting. But you will have to do it sooner or later. So I figured you should know about it anyways. Specific soldering skills are required when you are opting for high precision soldering. Look up a few ways on how to execute a perfect soldering and some of the tricks that have not been mentioned here. That should help you get the job done better. 

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You may consider yourself as courageous whenever you step up to get a micro switch soldered. No one would think otherwise. But if you don’t do the soldering properly, all that courage will amount to nothing. All what has been mentioned in this post is to help you ensure you get the best anytime you are joining a micro switch leg to a wire.

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