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How Do You Install A Rocker Switch?

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 How Do You Install A Rocker Switch?

If one is conversant in dealing with switches, one would realize that the most important thing in switch connection is getting the connections right. As straightforward or technical as this is supposed to be, depending on your level of experience, some persons still struggle with how to get this done. For a rocker switch, the experience is even worse for some persons.

Hence, this post will be discussing how a rocker switch can be wired. As well as the wiring codes, you would also be learning a few new things regarding rocker switch, and why it has become so popular for today’s use.

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What is a rocker switch? 

The rocker switch may be a popular type of switch for many people. But others do not have a clear cut understanding of what this switch type is all about. Just as the name goes, rocker switches are known to operate when they are rocked into an on or off state. When you press it to on, the off side goes up, and when you press the off side, the on side goes up. It has a kind of seesaw shape when you press the switch. So that is how a rocker switch looks like. It is different and quite unique from what is obtainable with other switches. 

Does it work with certain items?

There is always the talk of whether a rocker switch can be used with specific items. The answer to that question is a simple yes. So long as it a normal consumer or electrical appliance, a rocker switch can be a good way of switching the item on and switching it off. Unless you are dealing with high-voltage equipment where the current and voltage ratings will be too high for it, a rocker switch can be used on any small appliance. After all, it was basically built for undertaking small projects. 

Current and voltage ratings

It is true that you can use a rocker switch to control how power flows into and out of a particular electrical appliance. But there is something you are to take into consideration as you do that. That is the current and voltage ratings. All switches have their current and voltage ratings that they can work with. Those figures are extremely important. If you use a rocker switch that is not designed to work with a higher value of current or voltage, it could result to damages on the switch eventually. So make sure you look at the switch before you use it on any appliance. That way, it can last much longer. 

Various rocker switch types

Rocker switches are of different types. How you connect the switch will not necessary depend of the type of rocker switch you are using, as they all have almost the same basis of operation. Rocker switches exist in 2 pins, 3 pins, 4 pins, and as much as 7 pins in some cases. You need a good understanding of these pins to be able to connect anyone you are using. However, the general conception is for you to understand the fundamentals that govern such connections, and you will never have any issues connecting them to a number of appliances. 

Operational basis

Switch operation is all about creating and breaking contact, a means of controlling the flow of electric current. The rocker switch does so by allowing current when it rocks into one direction, while breaking the contact and disconnecting the current by rocking into another direction. An actuator is always around the switch which is responsible for turning on and turning off the switch. And because of the rocking action of this type of switch, it tends to be very reliable in the controlling of current in and out of any appliance. 

Are these switch types better of?

This is one other subject that has always been up for discussion. Rocker switches seem to be a discovery that came after other switches have been produced. It is not just a relatively new kind of switch when you compare it to the others. But it is equally fit and most suitable for sophisticated home designs. It is recommended that anyone who is trying to undertake a renovation or having a new home built should better go for rocker switches. In rocker switches, you will find various switch finishing that fits with the theme of your new home. 

Wiring instructions that you should know

Make sure you turn off any power source before you starting working on your rocker switch. That is a basic instruction that you must observe if you want to avoid getting yourself electrocuted. 

Always make sure you are abiding by the electrical codes for your area. All areas have their different wiring codes that professionals are to adhere to. Your wiring professional will be in a best place to know that. 

Confirm the kind of rocker switch you are using. If it is a 2 pin, 3 pin, etc. and get the appropriate connection on how it can be wired. 

Ground the appliance when you are done with attaching the power cord. 

The ground wire should be properly tightened. Make sure it is tightened as much as 16 inches. 

Put the control within the switch box. The control ought to be well tightened to the said switch box. 

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Information about the rocker switch can be quite creepy for anyone who does not have adequate knowledge of how it is wired. And for all it is worth, it will benefit you to gather as much information on this subject as possible. Rocker switches are reliable, strong, and can be used for just about any type of appliance that uses normal current and voltage capacity. They are not other types of switches where you can change their state by toggling or pushing the button. Their states can be changed into an on or off state by rocking it. Always make sure you are following safety guidelines when installing this type of switch.

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