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How Do You Replace A 2 Position On Off Micro Switch Push Button In An Electronic Device?

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How Do You Replace A 2 Position On Off Micro Switch Push Button In An Electronic Device?

When it comes to replacing a micro switch which is damaged or faulty inside a device/appliance, utmost caution is required. This is because you could damage something which can lead to unnecessary spending eventually. There is every reason to therefore ensure it is a process that you have mastered thoroughly. The problem is that most people are impatient when it comes to replacing a micro switch. Instead, they prefer to purchase another device or hire the services of a repair expert. In case you do not know, there is absolutely nothing special about replacing a micro switch. 

Do you have a bad micro switch that needs to be replaced? Are you aware that more damage can be caused in such device or appliance when this is not done in the right way? This post will be showing you the a-z of micro switch replacement. Of course, after checking out the details below, there is no doubt that you will know how to carry out such replacement process in the right way without causing any further damage. 

Just ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. There is absolutely no need trying to hire the services of a repair expert when you can handle such on your own in the most perfect manner. 

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Here is what you should know first

There is one major reason why most people fail in their attempt to replace micro switches. This is the fact that they would always attempt replacing them like that without any support. The truth about these switches still remain the fact that they are very tiny. Thus, replacing them with your naked eyes is a very difficult and complicated task to accomplish. Simply put, you will need a microscope to make this process hitch-free. It enables you to have a clear view of the micro switch. With a micro scope, you will not cause any further damage since the components will be clearly seen. 

A micro switch is so small that you may struggle to get a strong hold on it. In other words, you cannot hold it firmly due to its tiny nature. When this happens, it becomes difficult to replace which is why a micro scope is crucial in this exercise. With its use, your attention will be focused on the micro switch. Most people believe that micro switches cannot be replaced due to this problem. However, they are very much replaceable once you understand how to go about the entire process. 

The bottom line is that the use of microscope can hardly be overemphasized when it comes to how these switches can be removed. Of course, if they are not removed, replacing them will not be possible in any way. Another tool that you will need to get is soldering iron. As simple as this may sound, it can make the difference between a thorough or shoddy job. With a soldering iron, you will be able to attach wires to the micro switch terminals. 

They are likely to be firmer as compared to be firmer as compared to when the wires are just tied to such terminals. With a soldering iron, the wires will not experience any connection and disconnection problem. Simply put, everything about partial contact will be gotten rid of. 

How to replace a micro switch

Most of the time, you may be in a hurry to remove the micro switch. This is not the best way of going about such problem as you could just be wrong. Instead, it is better to test the micro switch in order to find out if truly it is the fault in such device or appliance. If it is regulating current as expected, there is absolutely no need to have it replaced. 

However, if your volt meter is not indicating that this switch can regulate current, there is every reason to go ahead with such replacement process. This is should be the first step that you need to take when it comes to having a micro switch replaced. 

Find the exact replacement

This is one of the areas where most people usually find it hard to replace micro switches successfully. They do not understand that micro switches are different in terms of models. Attempting to use any model of micro switch you find in the market can simply be interpreted to mean taking shots in the dark. 

In case you do not know, it is very important that the exact model of micro switch which is damaged is replaced. There are different models in the market. It will not be great to choose randomly since such may not work perfectly in your appliance or device. If you are confused about which particular micro switch to use, it is better to ask questions. 

Here is the secret

It all depends on the role your micro switch is playing in a device before getting damaged or faulty. This is because such can be replaced with a regular switch. For instance, if it has been installed to regulate current, there is every chance that such micro switch can be easily replaced using a normal switch. This becomes the only option especially when you cannot find a perfect micro switch that can act as replacement. 

Please note that in a situation whereby the micro switch is playing the role of a detector, it will not be possible to have it replaced with another switch. This is due to the fact that only micro switches tend to monitor changes in components of devices. Any attempt to change such switches into something else that is not a micro switch can alter the way your device or appliance has been designed to function. This is not recommended in any way. 

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that although the replacement of micro switch is easy, it is not a process which is completely straightforward. You need to apply the ideas shared above to ensure nothing goes wrong in such process. 

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