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How Do You Solder A Micro Switch?

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There are two ways of connecting your wire to a micro switch. The first is just attaching such wire to the terminals without any need for soldering. The other method is using a solder iron. While the first method may prove much easier and faster, it is important you know that it has some implications. For instance, the wire may lose contact with the passage of time. This can make you start thinking of how to repair such device even it is working fine. It means you are risk of spending money unnecessarily. 

The second method is more reliable and effective when it comes to making a micro switch carry out its expected functions. There is a problem with this method though. This is the fact that it can prove to be very complicated and technical especially once you haven't done it before. In case you are thinking about how to solder a micro switch in the most effective way, there is no need to bother about such again. This post will be helping you out with all the needed details.  It will be revealing all the secrets that can help you solder any micro switch today. 

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What you should understand

As a novice, it is important to note that there are various ways to solder a micro switch. However, while some methods may be difficult for someone who doesn't have any technical experience about soldering, others are simple to follow and implement. Choosing the first option will only bring about frustration thereby leading you to abandon such project. The bottom line is that you have to be careful with any method chosen to ensure your micro switch isn't damage through excessive heat. 

Now that you have understood the main facts about soldering a micro switch, it is time to get into the real details of this post. 

The needed or required items 

For a successful soldering of your micro switch, there are some items that are needed. These could be: Wire (black and red), Solder iron, pliers, clamps and solder (lead). Once these items have been gotten, the process can start. Follow the steps below for successful soldering of your micro switch. The red wire will function as your positive wire for the connection. Your black wire should function as the negative. The solder iron is the device which you can use in attaching the wire to the contact points in a micro switch. Pliers are used to cut the wires whenever there is need for such. Clamps are used in holding the micro switch so that it will be firm during such process to avoid any mistake. The lead is a metal wire which is melted through heat. It is used in joining a contact point with a wire in the micro switch. 


Please note that 5amp wire will be ideal if you want such micro switch to power bulbs. In a situation whereby the appliance or device is heavy, a higher amp wire will be required. 

Step 1 – Identifying the terminals

This is very important and shouldn't be taken for granted in any way. You need to identify the terminals of such micro switch and their supposed wire. The reason for this is that it will help ensure you don't have to start all over again due to any wrong connection. For instance, know which of the terminals should have red wire or black wire. It is always helpful to draw this on a sheet of paper if you are just starting out. This will help you avoid any unnecessary mistake.  

Step 2 – Cutting the wire

Use the plier to strip the positive and negative wires in order to reveal the bare wire. This should be about 8milimeters from the edge. Note that sometimes, such could turn out to be a wire which has multi strands like the image below. 

 micro switch factory 4

In this case, ensure the strands are twisted together. After that, the twisted strands will have to be thinned. In order to do this, heat your lead or solder on the edge of the soldering iron. After that, have the soldering iron pressed on the twisted strands for around 5-10 seconds. The solder or lead should be pressed against the strands in order to enable it melt the wire. See the image below for better understanding of how your twisted strands should look like after being thinned. 

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