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How Do You Test A Micro Switch?

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Micro switches may be small in terms of their sizes, but they sure have a way of ensuring an appliance works smartly and efficiently. As such anytime it goes bad, the majority of people who have it in their appliance want to consult professional help as soon as possible. Although that is not a bad idea, you are about to find out today that it doesn’t take anything to have your damaged micro switch fixed. 

You just have to know what is expected of you so that you don’t end up damaging your micro switch for good. As you can guess, you stand the chance of gaining some good amount of money when you do this on your own. 

Are you eager to understand how micro switches work? You can quit trying to rack your head, because you would be exposed to all that you need to know via this post. You are going to be learning here how to figure out if a micro switch is not working well. Go through the subsequent paragraphs carefully, and learn about micro switch to avoid guessing while you are working. Become a micro switch repair pro today with these proven tips!

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Possible micro switch faults

Before you settle for the option of practically looking at your micro switch, you could start by identifying certain faults that are capable of making the switch operate below its capacity. Some faults can be fixed, while nothing can be done about others. It doesn’t matter who is trying to fix the switch. Whether it is a professional, there are specific problems that are just meant to bring the micro switch’s life to an end and damage it for good. 

Some of the problems that can befall a micro switch can range from low quality parts/components, getting burnt due to high temperature, depreciation, as well as working and stopping abruptly. While there are definitely other problems, almost 80% of all the problems that plague micro switches fall within these categories. 

You can check for existing faults

Quit being scared of detecting faults in a micro switch because it is something that can be accomplished by anyone. It is so simple because no specific technical knowledge is required to get it done. We have highlighted some tips beneath that will serve as a guide to help in sorting out micro switch issues. Apply any of the tips where necessary, and I’m sure the rest will be history. 

Step 1 – Separate the plastic

Micro switches are encased by plastic material. Several means can be used to achieve this one thing. This is highly necessary since it will help give you a clear view of the content of the micro switch. That way, you can easily see how the assembly of the micro switch components look like. The act of separating the plastic can be achieved via drilling tool. Well, it is not all micro switches that need to be opened with a drilling tool. Due to the way some of them have been manufactured, they can be dismantled without a need for drilling tools. 

For a micro switch that requires drilling, gently drill through so that the micro switch materials can be separated accordingly. Some micro switches are bound together through friction. They will not split even while they’ve been screwed to their support bracket. 

Step 2 – Take pictures

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Snapping the micro switch after separating the materials is of utmost importance because that will help you in ensuring that the micro switch is not damaged beyond its current state. Several people have been frustrated in an attempt to fix their micro switch. That’s because they cannot rearrange the micro switch the way it is supposed to be. 

So the act of having a photograph of the micro switch is very sensitive. That way you can know how the items of the micro switch were before you took the parts apart. With the help of picture of the internals of your micro switch, you won’t need to rack your head on figuring how the components were first arranged. It saves you all of that stress and more! Your mobile phone camera is enough to do the job. 

Step 3 – Check the components

At this stage, you are required to check through the components in the micro switch to know which one is bad. Go through all of them, so you will not need to guess where the fault lies. The inability of the micro switch to work accordingly may be the fault of one component, and not all. Check to make sure the components are contacting properly since that can also be a source of problem. Replace any damaged part, and that will be good enough. 

Step 4 – Clean the components

Dirt are bound to accumulate in a micro switch when you use for a long time. If you want your micro switch to function optimally, you need to have the contacts cleaned properly. Should any component have stubborn stains, soak in water to get rid of the stains. This method is so effective that it is regarded as better than other methods for getting rid of stubborn stains. 

Step 5 – Re-assemble

After confirming and resolving whatever could be wrong with the micro switch, this is the part where you start putting it back together. To do this appropriately, take a look at the picture you snapped and make sure you arrange everything as it is there. 

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With what has been explained in this post, it is 100% obvious that zero technical knowledge is required in discovering and fixing faults in a malfunctioning micro switch. All the steps that were outlined above is all you need to know what is wrong with your micro switch and getting it fixed. Just so you know, if you take your micro switch to any professional repairer, these are the same measures they would apply. So why not do it yourself with these simple steps?

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