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How Do You Wire A 2 Pin Rocker Switch Micro Switch?

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How Do You Wire A 2 Pin Rocker Switch?

There are lots of benefits offered by rocker switches which most people are yet to find out in recent times. For instance, through these switches, it becomes possible for your appliances to be protected and regulated in with regards to how they function over a given period of time. This is probably one of the major reasons why they are becoming very popular amongst those who build electrical appliances. Even if you don’t build electrical projects, it is not a bad idea trying to understand how rocker switches work. 

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Here is the main nightmare

The problem is that for you to properly experience the above stated benefits of a rocker switch, you need to understand how it can be wired. Although there are two types of rocker switches, 2-pin rocker switches seem to be the most popular. This is because manufacturers of electronic devices prefer making use of them most of the time. In case you are wondering how these forms of switches can be wired, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. 

It will be revealing some of the most important facts about wiring a 2pin rocker switch. You will definitely become a pro in this aspect after checking the details below. 

What you should know

Just as said above, there are different types of rocker switches. Knowing these will help ensure you can choose the one that is ideal for your electrical project without hassle. For instance, there are 4pin rocker switches, 7pin rocker switches and many others. However, 2pin rocker switches seem to be the most popular amongst most electronic appliances and devices you will find in the market. This is why understanding how it is wired can prove to be very helpful in the long run. 

What is a 2pin rocker switch? 

Before thinking about how to wire a 2pin rocker switch, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of what it is. Just like a 3pin rocker switch, 2pin rocker switches can also have devices turned on/off. For instance, while 3pin rocker switches contain terminals like ground, power and accessories, 2pin rocker switches always have 2 terminals. These are power and accessories. 

Please note that sometimes they are referred to as 2prong switches or 3 prong switches. Don’t mind such names since they mean one and the same thing. Furthermore, it is possible for a 3pin to be converted or used as 2pin switch. You will only be required to leave the “ground” as it is.  

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From the pictures above, you can see that there is a clear difference between a 2pin rocker switch and 3pin rocker switch. Although there are other forms of rocker switches, these are the most popular. As a matter of fact, you may need to make a special order for anything more than these two. 

Switch 1 contains 3pins which have been labelled appropriately. Switch 2 on the other hand, contains 2pins. The pins are similar to what switch 1 contains. The only difference is that there won’t be “ground”. In other words, the pin representing ground will not be available to make your connections.  

The advantage of using 2pin switch 

There is an advantage to using 2pin switch over 3pin rocker switches. This is the fact that they are easier to connect. As a matter of fact, they are perfect especially when you are starting out in the field of connecting rocker switches. You won’t have to rack your brains too much thinking about how the pins will be connected as in the case of 3pin rocker switches. It is a straightforward process.

How to wire a 2pin micro switch 

Having known what 2pin rocker switches are and how they tend to be different between 3pin rocker switches, it is high time you learnt how to have it wired. Just follow the tutorial below to make this happen. 

Required materials 

What you will need for this process to become successful are: 

Fuse and fuse holder

Led light source

Car battery 

Red and black wires 

Soldering iron

The fuse will help ensure your connection or appliance isn’t affected by power surge or an unstable current. This is very important and shouldn’t be skipped in any way. Also, you need an LED light source as shown above. Through this, you will know when your rocker switch is working as the lights can be switched on/off. Please ensure your car battery has a maximum capacity of 12volts for best results. Also, note that it does not necessarily have to be a car battery. It can also be any power source with a capacity of 12volts. The role of the solder iron is to ensure the wires are firm on the LED light source. Finally, you can decide to use only black or red wires all through. The difference in color specified above is only to ensure that you do not get confused along the lines while doing the connection. 

Micro Switch Diagram 2

Based on the diagram above, it can be seen that the wiring of 2pin rocker switch isn’t complicated or difficult as most people are usually trying to make it sound. For instance, your attention should be focused on the 12volt battery as shown above. You will notice how the wires are connected. 

Observation 1

The red wire has been connected from one pin of the rocker switch to the positive side of the battery. However, there is a fuse holder in-between both the rocker switch pin and the battery positive. 

Observation 2

There is another red wire running from the other pin of the micro switch to the LED light source. Also, there is a black wire running from the negative side of the 12volt battery to the same LED light source. 

After soldering them appropriately to remain firm, you will notice that the LED lights are switching on/off through the switch. 


The above details are only a pointer to one simple fact. This has to do with the simplicity of connecting a 2pin rocker switch. The process above is so simple that you will get it right at first attempt.  

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