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How Do You Wire A 3 Prong Rocker Switch?

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How Do You Wire A 3 Prong Rocker Switch?

If you have used a rocker switch in the past, there is something that is always obvious when it comes to wiring it for your project to function very well as expected. This is the fact that 2 prong rocker switches are different from those with 3 prong. While the former is a standard switch therefore requires a straightforward approach to be wired, the latter may require you to think outside the box before it can work in any electrical device or appliance. 

Do you have a 3 prong rocker switch but do not know how to have it wired? Are you aware that wiring it the wrong way can damage your appliance or even make it not to work as expected? There is no need to be bothered since you have come to the right place. The major aim of this post will be to show how you can easily wire a 3 prong rocker switch. It does not really matter whether you have done this or not before. All you have to do is carefully follow the details below in order to discover how this can be done without breaking a sweat. 

3 prong switch explained in details?

Before talking about how to wire a 3 prong rocker switch, it is important to talk about what they are basically all about. This gives you a much better understanding about how they can be wired to work. These forms of rocker switches have 3 components or parts which have to be connected. These are:




micro switch manufacturer34

From the diagram above, you will notice that the rocker switch has 3 terminals as explained earlier. They can also be called 3pin rocker switches. It is a typical example of a 3 prong rocker switch. Each of these will be further explained below: 


The ground can also be called negative. As you know, electricity can sometimes experience surges. It is the ground that can help in protecting your appliances/devices from such problem. In other words, a grounded rocker switch ensures your appliances are safe instead of being destroyed by electricity especially in a situation when there seems to be sudden change of power. 


Another name for ACC is accessories. It is always connected to the device such as light of fan. Once the switch is pressed down, it can either be turned on/off. 


Rocker switches have been designed to toggle back and forth right? It is the power button that makes such possible. The power pin is there to either supply or interrupt electricity depending on the circumstances when it is being pressed. Simply put, the power terminal ensures that current flows into your device once it is pressed. 

How to wire a 3 prong rocker switch 

Having being able to clearly understand what a 3 prong rocker switch is and how to identify one, it is high time you learnt the most effective way of wiring them without hassle. Just follow each of the instructions carefully to do yours. 

Required materials 

There are materials that will be needed to ensure the process is successful. They are:

3 prong rocker switch

An LED light source 

Car battery


Black and red wires 

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Please make sure that your chosen LED light has a small capacity. A bulb of 1watt will be very effective for this tutorial. In case you cannot find a car battery, it is possible to use any power source of 12v capacity. For wires, it is possible to make use of 1color. The reason for the different color as requested is for differentiation purpose to avoid confusion during connection. The fuse is also very important to ensure that a situation of overcurrent is prevented from occurring thereby protecting your device. You can also use it alongside a fuse holder for the sake of organization. 

Step 1

Using a black wire, connect the power source (from the battery) negative and the “ground” pin on the rocker switch. Please for effective result, ensure you are using a 12volt power source.

Step 2

With the aid of your fuse holder, connect another wire from the “ACC” to one side of the fuse holder. Another wire should be connected from the power source (the battery) positive to the other side of the fuse holder. Please avoid a situation of connecting the wire directly to the power source in order to offer your device more protection from any form of overcurrent or electricity surge. 

Step 3

Once you have completed the above steps, use another wire to connect from the “power” pin in your rocker switch to the LED light. If you look at the diagram closely, you will notice that another wire is running from the wire between the “negative or ground” in such rocker switch and negative in the power source (battery) to the LED light panel. 

Please note that in order to make wires firm on the LED light panel, you will need to carry out some soldering exercises. Do not worry since this is not difficult.  


What you need to know 

Despite the above instructions, there are some people who may still find it very hard when it comes to wiring a 3prong rocker switch. The best thing to do is using the diagram that is presented above. Just closely look at the wires and how they have been connected to have an idea about the entire process. 

This is probably the easiest way to understand the process without any complication. You will notice the numbers on the rocker switch. These are to help you understand the pins better as explained earlier on. They are Power (3), ACC (2) and ground (4). 


Base on the explanation and steps above, it is very obvious that wiring a 3prong rocker switch is easier than you must have been thinking. You only need the right information (like what has been outlined above) to get such process spot on. Even if you cannot get it right the first time, read through the steps again and connect such rocker switch.   

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