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How Do You Wire A Rocker Switch? -- Tips On Rocker Switch Wiring

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What is a rocker switch

Most of the switches we know are those that trip when a change of state is being made. They are a popular brand of switches because of how easy it is for you to have a change of state when it is pressed. 

There is another category of switch. They are known as the rocker switch. This switch type do not trip when they are pressed. Instead, they rock whenever they are pressed. That means, if you are pressing a rocker switch to change its state, one side of the switch will go up while the other side will stay down. 

rocker switch is an on/off switch that rocks (rather than trips) when pressed, which means one side of the switch is raised while the other side is depressed much like a rocking horse rocks back and forth.

So apart from how it behaves when it switched, is there any other important thing one needs to know about these switches? Absolutely! This post will be intimating you with tips on how to wire the switch along with some other significant information. 

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Uses of rocker switch

Rocker switches are no different from any other switch. They are mostly used in controlling the control flow of current coming in from the power source. They are used in housing buttons that control the operations of current through the major entrance into any device. So they basically offer protection and safety to electrical and electronic appliances. 

Any advantages of using rocker switches?

The argument about whether rocker switches are any better than any other switch type in specific industries have always being a hotly contested topic. But the fact is that there are advantages of using rocker switches over other switch type within certain industries. For instance, rocker switches have been found to be more reliable when setting up any of the contemporary home designs. Traditional switches are often preferred for setting up homes that were built with old-fashioned designs. So if we are to put it correctly, high-end, complicated homes are best suited to work with rocker switches. Anything that has to do with contemporary innovations are now seen to be driven by rocker switches, according to manufacturers. 

Although many people may still doubt that fact, I have a reason to believe that the manufacturers must have had a very good reason for recommending rocker switches for new generation homes or any other new design for that matter. 

Are these switches worth the hype? 

Another interesting question that taken over the world of electrical components for some time now. Rocker switch help to control the flow of current in and out of a particular device. They are designed to make, and also break the current flow within the said device by connecting and disconnecting the contacts when necessary. 

The efficiency and ease of installing these switches have made them a preferred choice for a variety of devices. From medical instruments to all sorts of video games you can think of, these switches have gained widespread usage. They are very reliable and can help to protect the device by switching them off at the right time. Basically, rocker switcher are no hype. They are as effective as their names are. 

Tips for wiring rocker switch

Before we get on with this aspect of the post, you have to be educated on a couple of things. There are strict codes that are to be observed whenever you are wiring a rocker switch, you must ensure that those operational guidelines are followed to the letter. If you are having trouble with adhering to those codes, then you can get a professional that will help you do the job. Here are some tips you should have in mind when wiring the rocker switch.

First and foremost, ensure that every power source connected to where you intend to mount the switch has been turned off. This is very essential so that you do not have to deal with any electric shock in the course of your installation. If there is a way you can test to confirm the power status, please do that. 

Check out the installation for the kind of rocker switch you are using. Are you using a 2-load rocker switch or a 3-load rocker switch? They both have their various installation steps. For a 2-load rocker switch, install a 2 inches deep double gang switching box or a three and a half inches deep single-gang switching box. For a 3-load rocker switch, install a two and half inches deep double gang switching box alongside a one device adapter plate. 

After attaching the power cable, this is the part where you ought to ensure the switch box, as well as the appliance are adequately grounded. 

Ensure the ground wire has been properly fastened to the ground screws. The ground screws should be tightened up to 16 inches. 

For any push-in terminal, you are expected to use only solid copper (14-AWG). But for any screw terminal, you are expected to apply 12 or 14-AWG copper wires. 

Mount control inside switch box. Put the wires inside the switch box, as you make sure the control is fastened to the switch box. 

You need to be careful about wiring this switch so you do not get it damaged in the process. Every wire opening comes with a release slot. With the help of a screw driver or small nail, pushed against the said release slot, the holes can be open and you can carefully bring out the wires. Please do not attempt to bring out any of the wires through anywhere else other than the release slot. It could ruin the rocker switch for good. 

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Rocker switches are as effective as any other switch. They are even more suitable in occasions where a traditional switch will not function well. But as good as this switch is, you have to be extra careful when having it connected. It has also been pointed out in this post that a major difference between this switch and others is that it rocks when you press it to change its state.

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