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How Does A Door Switch Work?

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How Does A Door Switch Work?

It has been discovered that there are lots of people who do not understand much about door switches. In other words, they usually consider such switches as devices which have been designed to function in the same way as a conventional switch. While this is true to some extent, it may interest you to know that door switches are slightly different in lots of regards. Do you have an automated door or would like to have one in the future? Are you aware that knowing how these work with door switches is very important? 

It is not enough to know these switches are installed in doors. However, you need to understand how these switches have been designed or built to function in doors. In case you have been searching for where to find such information, there is no need for such as this post will be explaining lots of details about door switches including how they work. It is recommended that you try as much as possible to understand the details about these switches. 

For instance one of the benefits is that such knowledge can help you purchase and install the right door switches in your home or office. Even if you want to repair, it becomes much easier since you already understand how such switches function.  

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What is a door switch? 

A door switch is usually installed in doors for the purpose of opening and closing. They sometimes function in a similar manner like door sensors which are an integral part of the security systems in homes. Most door switches are automatic in terms of how they carry out their functions or roles. For instance, they can detect when someone is close or far away. This makes them either open or close automatically. 

Have you ever used a lift in the past? Did you notice that the door closes automatically once you enter? You must have also noticed that the door opens automatically once you get to your destination. This is usually the function of a door switch. It helps the door to open automatically without the help of anyone. All you have to do most times is press a few buttons, and the switch opens and closes doors whenever such is necessary. 

Door switches are being used in recent times due to the high level of security they can provide. For instance, most of them have alarm systems installed to fight against situations involving authorized access to an area. Lots of people have taken the switches for granted in the past by not having them installed. However, the ultimate price has been costly has there been lost of properties to burglary and other criminal activities. 

How does a door switch work?

Having understood what door switches are and the roles they can perform, it is high time you learnt how they have been designed to work. 

Every door switch has been designed to have two contacts. This means they usually operate based on two contact points. These are closed contact points and open contact points. The closed contact is that point when there is flow of electricity between the various electrical components of such door. When this happens, the door begins to work as expected. It can also be seen as that point when electrical components are making physical contact with one another thereby making the door to function. 

The open contact is that point when there is circuit breakage. In other words, it is the point whereby the electrical components will become separated thereby making the door to stop functioning. The difference between open and closed contact is that both work in opposite directions. In the example above about door switch where lift was mentioned, you must have noticed how such doors usually open and close. These are made possible by their contact points. When they are working, know that such is a state of closed contact. That is to say, the components are making physical contact. Also, they are in their default state once the components are separated.  


With the addition of a sensor, it becomes possible for their functions to become more automated. This is because they will open or close without anyone operating them. For instance, through the sensor, it becomes possible for them detect whether people are close to open for them to enter the lift.

Door switches in cars

Do you know that most modern cars have door switches installed? The automobile industry has developed over the years with lots of wonderful innovations. The inclusion of door switches is one of such innovations. As a matter of fact, most cars have door switches included as compared to the past. The problem is that you have not noticed that they are responsible for such functions. There are cars that have windows and doors which close and open automatically. Most times, it is possible for the driver to open or close the doors from one spot. This is the function of door switch

They have been installed to automate how cars function in terms of opening and closing of doors as well as windows. With the press of a button, the doors will be locked and vice versa. 

Other appliances and devices 

Apart from cars and doors in houses, door switches are installed in other devices and appliances.  These could be refrigerator, washing machines, microwaves, and others. What such switches do is carry out detective functions to determine whether the doors have been closed or not. For instance, a refrigerator will not function properly without a door switch. The same can also be said of other appliances.  

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Based on the above facts about door switches, it is obvious that their uses are more flexible than you must have earlier imagined. It is all about purchasing the switch that is right for your project in order to experience its firsthand benefits. In a situation whereby you seem confused about which one to install, it will be better to ask your seller some sensitive questions. This puts you in a very good position to get good value for money.  

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