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How Does A Micro Switch Work?

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It is no longer secret that micro switches are mostly preferred to conventional electrical switches you will find in the market. The reason for this is simple which is primarily due to their high level of versatility and efficiency when put to use. Versatility here simply means that it can be put to use in various electrical devices and appliances. Efficiency implies micro switches are known to respond quickly. These two functions have made such switches to be very popular amongst various people from around the world. 

The problem is that most people don’t understand how these switches have been designed to function. Without this knowledge, you will be very much limited in terms of how you can put them to effective use. There is no need bothering again though. This is because the major aim of this post will be to explain how a micro switch works. Ensure to check out the details below from start to finish since they will help you understand more about micro switches. These facts will definitely help you to know what should be expected of every micro switch.   

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What you need to know

A micro switch is also known as snap action switch. As a matter of fact, micro switch is a generic name representing a company that is into the production of such electrical switches. The reason why it is called a snap action switch is how it has been designed or built to function when used in electrical appliances.  Most of the time, people spend more money and time on their micro switches without knowing what could be wrong with their appliances in the first place. This means you are doing things based on guesswork. It is one of the reasons why you need to understand how such these switches function. 

Here are the crucial details

In simple terms, micro switches have been designed in such a way that when the switch is pressed, power changes from one direction to another. In other words, pressing the switch makes it to power your device as expected. In this case, the micro switch can be said to have been moved from its resting state into active or working state. It goes back to its normal condition when the switch is released. 

The reason why it is usually referred to as snap-action is that it makes use of a spring in order to ensure connections inside of it are closed and opened. As you move the lever of such switch, the device will be powered. 

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The diagram above provides a clear description of a micro switch and how it has been designed to work. It is through the help of its spring as shown above that the micro switch changes current from one terminal to another. There is also the switch which is below. It is the point that users will have to press for the snap-action switch to leave its resting state. Once this happens, the device will be powered. Releasing your hand will make it return to its previous position thereby switching off such device. 

The contact points in a micro switch

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No micro switch functions without its 3 contact points intact. These are known as common, normally open, and normally closed as displayed in the above diagram. It is obvious that the diagram is displaying the components of a micro switch. For instance, at its resting state, such means the micro switch isn’t working. Whether your micro switch is working or not depends on which of the points are contacting each other. 

For example, once the common and normally closed are contacting each other, the switch is in its default or resting state. It is a state where your device won’t work. In other words, it is a state when the device is assumed to be switched off. On the other hand, the switch is said to be in a “working state” when the common and normally open points are contacting each other. It is the point where your device will be switched on. Switching your device on/off through a micro switch is made possible through its lever (switch). All that you have to do is apply a little amount of pressure and it will start changing from its resting state to working state. 

When the switch is moved, the spring causes both the common and normally open to contact each other. This will make such device to be powered. Releasing your hand again makes it return to its original state whereby there is no current flowing into such device. This means your device will be put off. 

Devices that this switch can work 

There are lots of devices which micro switches have been built for over the years. These could be air conditioner units, washing machine, microwave devices, sliding doors and others. Although these are heavy appliances which can be put to use in various ways, it is also possible for micro switches to be used in powering smaller devices like bulbs and fans. The above explanation is simple to understand in terms of how a micro switch can power your bulb. 

It is important you understand the fact there are two types of micro switches. These are miniature and subminiature switches. The diagrams presented above are typical examples of miniature switches in action. Note that both types of micro switches have been built to function the same way despite their differences in structure. In other words, you will still find the 3 contact points listed above in a subminiature switch. 

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Based on the above facts, it is obvious that micro switches have been built to help your devices work automatically. They function in a simple and efficient manner to ensure automation of electrical appliances. You only need to know how to do the proper connections in order to experience the benefits firsthand which these devices have to offer users. It is highly recommended that you go through the above details over and over again. This will enable you have an in-depth understand about how it works.

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