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How Does A Micro Switch Work In Elevators?

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How Does A Micro Switch Work In Elevators?

Elevators have been used over the years in big organizations where there are different offices. The problem is that most people do not even understand how they are built to function let alone any of their components. The truth is that these applications have succeeded in helping to automate or facilitate the movement of people within various floors in buildings. This could not have been possible without its presence. Of course, if you have an elevator, there is no doubt that you must be interested in understanding how it works right?

One of the most crucial components of an elevator is micro switch. Although it is small in terms of size, its functions and roles can hardly be overemphasized or ignored in any way. You do not have to worry about such as this post will be ensuring every detail about how such happens is explained. It will reveal how micro switches work in elevator systems. 

For the first time, you will have an in-depth understanding about how these heavy-duty applications have been built to function. The benefit of such knowledge is that it will help you know how to fix your elevator whenever something must have seem to go wrong. You will soon find out that this is one of the easiest subjects to understand about elevators. 

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How does this happen? 

Elevators are also known as lifts and can be found in multistory buildings. They are systems which have been put in place to carry passengers from one floor to another within such buildings. Instead of trying to walk from one floor to another manually, they are there to automate the process thereby ensuring people are not stressed out. They always have buttons which need to be pressed for such function or roles to be activated. It should be noted that elevators do not only carry people. Instead, freight (goods) can also be carried within various floors. This is a technology that seems to be getting better and better as the years are going by. 

The first thing you need to remember about elevator systems is that that they always have buttons as well as door lock systems. This means that with the click of a few buttons, they can start working as expected. When micro switch is mentioned as making elevators to work, it is like functioning as the brain behind such features (door lock and buttons). Simply put, micro switches are used in powering the door locks of an elevator. They can also be used as push buttons to activate some certain features or roles. 

How a micro switch works in such system?

A micro switch is very small in terms of size. However, it may interest you to know that it plays a very crucial role in ensuring that an elevator system works as expected. For instance, these switches have been known to function as sensors or detectors. By this, we simply mean the ability to detect changes happening within the elevator system and get some functions activated. For instance, when someone enters the elevator, he will be taken to a particular floor within the multistory building. Once he gets there, there is no need pressing any button again as the door will open for him to come out. 

This is the function of a micro switch at work. It detects or senses when the floor has been reached. Due to this, it is responsible for opening and closing the door of such elevator. In other words, a micro switch will automatically have the door of an elevator opened. All of these only needs to be done through the pressing of a few buttons. Without the sensor being active, it will always be difficult to tell whether you have reached your destination within such floor or not. 

This is because as the buttons are pressed to indicate which floors you are heading to, it has the responsibility of checking whether it has been reached.  

Their button functions 

Apart from carrying out sensor or detector roles in an elevator, micro switches are also know to function as their buttons. They are responsible for sending the right signals to the other components thereby helping to get the elevator system powered. For example, when you are heading to a particular floor within such building via an elevator, some buttons will be pressed. 

This is to specify the particular floor you are heading to. The buttons are being powered by a micro switch. It is responsible for sending current signals to the various parts thereby helping the elevator system to work as expected. Whenever an elevator button does not work as expected, know that the micro switch has developed one fault or another. 

It is always the first component that is checked when buttons of an elevator are not working effectively. This is because apart from playing sensor roles as explained, it can also help the buttons to function as expected.   

How does this actually happen?

When it comes to knowing how a micro switch works within an elevator system, most people are usually confused. This is not difficult to understand in any way as you will soon find out below. 

These switches can either maintain open or closed contact position at different periods of time. When the contacts are closed, current can be allowed to flow through the various parts of such elevator system thereby powering it. As soon as you press the buttons and the system starts working, know that the contacts are closed. 

On the other hand, once the elevator is not working, it means current is not flowing to its various components. This is an open contact or resting state. It is the default state that elevators usually maintain before their buttons are pressed. 

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Based on the above explanation, there is no doubt that you must have understood how micro switches function in elevator systems. Just as explained, it is one of the first components that get examined once something is wrong with an elevator. 

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