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How Does A Micro Switch Work In Sliding Doors?

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How Does A Micro Switch Work In Sliding Doors?

There is no doubt that people are loving the sliding door technology more than ever before. This could not have been possible without their wonderful functions. Some of them are energy efficiency, improved security, environmentally friendly, space saving and more. As a matter of fact, most people are now considering the option of using these doors. It does not matter whether you own a luxury home or not. The truth still remains that they are the future when it comes to architectural designs.  

Despite all the functions that sliding doors provide, it is possible to conclude that there are some components or parts that have been responsible for their efficiency. One of such is micro switch. It does not really matter what you know about these doors as such would not have been possible without the presence of micro switches in them. 

Are you doubting how micro switches are being used in sliding doors? Do you know that this process is very easy to understand especially with a very clear explanation? There is no need to worry as you have definitely come to the right place whereby every of such details will be explained. This post will be explaining everything you need to know about micro switches in sliding doors including the roles they are expected to perform. After reading the details, one conclusion will be inevitable. This is the fact that technology has improved with the advent of micro switches. 

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Their sensor roles 

Micro switches are installed in devices and applications to ensure one major purpose which is automation. For this to become a reality, they play the role of sensor or detectors. In other words, they are installed to sense changes within a device after which a particular action will be activated. Sliding doors are not an exception in this case. There are sliding doors which have been designed to open and close by themselves. It means they do not need the help or intervention from humans for this to be possible. 

You must have come across some of these doors in the past. As people are approaching them, they close. That is how they can open when people are coming out of the house. This has been made possible by the sensor or detective function of micro switches. They sense the presence of people and cause a change to happen in such doors. Apart from sensing people and opening or closing automatically, buttons can be pressed for the door to function in a similar manner. Imagine opening or closing a door without the need to apply any physical strength on your part. 

This function has become a reality thanks to the presence of micro switches in such sliding doors. For the example of doors opening by themselves, such is obvious in elevators. You will notice that they open once you have reached a particular floor. There is a sensor that sends message to ensure such is possible. Even when the door has to be opened through some buttons being pressed, micro switch makes this possible. It is responsible for sending signals to other electrical components for the activation of current flow. 

How does this work?

From the above explanation, it is very obvious that there are two ways that micro switches function in sliding doors. The first is that it plays the role of a detector which senses changes to ensure the right action is taken. For instance, sliding doors that are open and close without the help of anyone do this through the sensor ability of micro switches. All of these have become possible through the contact points – Normally closed contact and normally open contact. 

Normally closed contact can be seen as a point when there is physical contact between electrical components of the sliding door. At this point, they are expected to work or function as required. The normally open contact on the other hand, is different. It is the point when there is no flow of current. Now, when the door is closed, there is no current flowing right? It can be said that such sliding door is maintaining a position whereby the contact points of its micro switch are open. The components at this point are not working. They are in their resting state. 

On the other hand, when the door is opening or closing, it can be said that there is flow of current amongst its different components. This state is referred to as normally closed contact. It means there is a contact between the components thereby activating flow of electricity. 

Here is another example

Another instance whereby micro switch in sliding doors is obvious is their inclusion in buttons or control panels. This is different from the above whereby they have to carry out sensor functions in order to open or close the door when someone is approaching without any manual assistance. In this case, a button needs to be pressed for the sliding door to be either open or closed. Again this is possible through the normally closed and normally open contact in micro switches. 

For instance, when the button is pressed to open, it means current is flowing through its various components for such process to be complete. In this case, it can be said that the micro switch is maintaining a normally closed position. On the other hand, whenever the door is not working or remains closed, it can be said that the micro switch is in its normally open position. It can also be known as a position of resting state. Both situations are only determined by whether there is flow of electricity or not in the micro switch. It can either be a normally open position or normally closed position.  

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Based on the above explanation about micro switch and sliding doors, there is no doubting the fact that you have not properly understood how the process works. This is very important especially if you have a sliding door since some components may develop faults one day.

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