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How does a micro switch work?

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Each micro switch manufacturer knows the functions of their product very well, so they fully understand how they work.

For a micro switch manufacturer, it is easy to understand the process by which the micro switch works since they dedicate their days to manufacturing the best and of the best quality for all those who are looking for the benefits that these small devices offer.

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Although the micro switch is a simple object, it must meet certain specific characteristics to fulfill its role within a circuit or system.

The electronics industry greatly appreciates the efforts of each micro switch manufacturer, these have simplified their lives, and have also allowed the evolution of their creations, making them increasingly sensitive and intelligent, allowing them to add multiple functions.

A micro switch manufacturer must always ensure that its customers can count on the tool they want, and this is achieved through a very simple composition, which we will understand more clearly during the following lines.

A micro switch has a basic operation very easy to understand, for its more complex versions, we would have to say that the number of connections increases, but they work on the same principle.

To understand how a micro switch works, it is necessary to know what it is, so we could define it as a bridge between different points that are interconnected on some occasions. There are switches where we can find a couple of jumpers.

These bridges would be connected in this way; the first is connected at one end of the micro switch, while the other bridge, which will have a curved appearance, would act as the mobile bridge, which would change position according to the stimulus received. The latter is the one who activates the functions within the micro switch.

Usually a micro switch must be quite sensitive, this thanks to the fact that in its structure it has a kind of lever, which will receive the pulse of the actuator, that is, the force that will cause the switch to be pressed while it fulfills its function. Since these stimuli are not done manually, but act under the force of other elements, it is important that this sensor is quite receptive, that is, that it can react effectively with just a small stimulus.

Every day we can see how different switches are arranged in different corners of our homes or workplaces, so we can say that we are constantly manipulating micro switches.

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How does a simple micro switch work?

A simple micro switch consists of a couple of stages, this is the most basic operation that a switch can have, and it is the easiest to manipulate for us as users.

Well, as we said before, within a micro switch there are a pair of bridges, one that remains fixed, and the other that is mobile, which will adapt positions according to the stimulus it receives. In the case of a simple switch, the only two stimuli it can receive are that of the current flow and that of the current cut-off.

If we position the switch towards one end, it will allow or cut the passage of current, or light, while if we place it on the other side, it will do the opposite.

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