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How Does A Miniature Micro Switch Snap Back And Forth? What Does This Process Mean?

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How Does A Miniature Micro Switch Snap Back And Forth? What Does This Process Mean?

A miniature micro switch is probably one of the most common switches amongst others. The reason for this is that it has been discovered to be very effective when it comes to helping appliances and devices carry out their functions without any problem. Lots of people understand most things about these switches. For instance, they are aware of how it can be used in various devices like security alarm systems, light switches, cars, washing machines, rice cookers and more. 

However, despite such knowledge, it has been discovered that they do not understand some vital aspects especially when it comes to how these switches work. Please bear in mind that how these switches work is not the same as devices they have been designed to work or installed in. The former is more important than the latter. This is because lacking knowledge about how they work can deprive you of having to experience their benefits firsthand. 

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Here is the major nightmare

Have you ever made use of a miniature micro switch before and wondered how its process of snapping back and forth works? It is possible you have heard experts use such terms and terminologies but still cannot understand what they entails. It has been discovered that most users of miniature micro switch do not understand what it means for a miniature micro switch to be snapping back and forth. 

In case you happen to be amongst such persons, ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. It will be revealing what is meant by such a process. In other words, it will be explaining how a miniature micro switch snaps back and forth. This will help you know whether such switches are suitable for your projects or not. 

What is the meaning of snapping back and forth?

This is not a complicated process as most experts are trying to make it sound. It is a process that once practiced thus, can be very easy to understand especially when you are making use of a miniature micro switch. Have you ever held a miniature micro switch before? It could be that you have tried to press its lever in order for your appliance or device to be switched on. Whenever you press its lever, there is an actuation process being activated. You will notice normally closed contact position is activated by such action. However, releasing your hand again from the lever will make the miniature micro switch return to its default state which is normally open. 

That process of pressing and releasing your hand makes the miniature micro switch to go back and forth. This is what is meant by snapping back and forth in relation to miniature micro switches. It should be noted that these switches are not meant to maintain one position for long. Instead, they interchange between normally closed and normally open while working. 

Snapping back and forth is a process that is activated when the miniature micro switch lever is being pressed. This can either happen automatically or manually. When this takes place, your device will be switching on and off without you having to do anything. This is only a clear sign that such miniature micro switch is working. Through the lever, its snapping back and forth can be activated. This is a process which is known as actuation. It is the lever that is also responsible for controlling of normally closed and normally open position in a miniature micro switch. 

For the sake of this post, we are majorly concerned about the lever of a miniature micro switch. You can see it in the diagram above. This is one component that is present in every miniature micro switch. Once you press it, there is the change of contact point from normally open to normally closed. Having your hands released again, will make it go from normally closed to normally opened. It is through the lever that your device/appliance can either be turned on or off.  In a nutshell, a miniature micro switch begins to snap back and forth as you start to press the lever and release your hand after some time. 

The normally closed and normally opened 

Having seen the lever of a miniature micro switch including how a user can press it and release his hands for the normally opened or normally closed contact point to be activated, there is no doubt that you are confused about what these terminologies actually mean. 

Just like the snapping back and forth explained above, they are quite easy to understand. Normally opened is that point whereby there will not be flow of electricity in a miniature micro switch. It is usually the default state you will find every miniature micro switch until their levers get pressed. When you see a device that is making use of a miniature micro switch to power on/off not working, just know that it is maintaining a normally open contact point at such time. This means current is not allowed to flow. 

Normally closed on the other hand, implies that current is flowing amongst the components of a device. When a device that miniature micro switch has been installed in remains active, it means such is maintaining a position of normally closed. It implies the lever has been pressed. A typical example of this is when you are using your washing machine. 

It is the miniature micro switch which detects whether water level is okay or not. If it is okay, it will enable the machine work as expected. On the other hand, when water level is short, it will detect and prevent such machine from functioning. The former state whereby the machine is working is known as normally closed. The latter state on the other hand, where the machine is not working is called normally opened. 

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There is no doubting the fact that you have properly understood what snapping back and forth simply means in relation to a miniature micro switch. The easiest way to understand how this works is using a miniature micro switch and pressing its lever over and over again. Just observe how the contact points will be changing.  


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