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How Does A Reed Switch Work?

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A recent survey carried out showed that most people don’t understand how reed switches have been designed or built to function when used in electrical appliances. As a matter of fact, there are people who believe that reed switches are the same as micro switches. This isn’t true in any way as both are obviously different. The truth is that if you really want to get the best results while using a reed switch for any project, it is very important you understand how it works. This can make you know when things have gone wrong. 

Are you struggling to understand how reed switches function? Are you amongst those who believe that these switches are the same as micro switches? Do you know that knowing what these switches are all about is an integral part of making good use of them? If that is the case, there is no need to panic as you’ve come to the tight place. This is because the major aim of this post is to explain some important details about reed switches. There is no doubt that after checking out the details from beginning to the end, you will understand some facts about these switches including how they work. 

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What are reed switches?

Before going into details about how reed switches have been designed to function, it is crucial to know what they are all about. This can help you understand more about them in the later part of this post. Reed switches are a form of electronic magnet which can be found in circuits. They are usually used in controlling the rate at which electricity flow in devices and appliances. There are laptops and phones which detect when they are open or closed. This is the function of a reed switch. It is an inexpensive device that is included devices to regulate how they function. 

These are usually made using 2 or more ferrous weeds which have been encased within a glass that is tube-like. Whenever there is the movement of a magnetic switch towards such switch, it becomes magnetized. In such instance, it will be separated or move together. Reed switches usually play the role of a bridge or gate in every electric circuit especially once there is contact between both reeds. In this case, electricity can flow within a circuit thereby making a device to function. These switches are different from mechanical switches given that nothing is required to have them physically flicked off/on. Rather, this process is made possible through the magnetic fields which are invisible. 

How reed switches have been built to work

The first thing to note is that reed switches are of two types. These are known as normally closed and normally open. The normally closed is also known as normally switched on while normally open can also be called normally switched off. It is important to note that these switches don’t just function as electrical bridge. Rather, they also function as a magnetic bridge allowing current through them. 

The materials used to produce normally open switches are gotten from ferrous items. They are positioned in a way that there won’t be any physical contact. Now, once a magnet is taken very close to such switch, one reed will be pulled towards the other thereby bringing about physical contact between them. In this case, the circuit can be said to have been completed. The circuit on the other hand will be broken once the magnet is removed. This is because the reed will go back to its original position. 

The opposite will take place in the case of normally closed switches. There will be current when reeds are contacting each other. This will make your device to switch on. There is completed electric circuit in this process. In a situation like this, reeds will begin to repel each other once a magnet is moved closer to such switch. This will lead to breakage of circuit. 

Here is a practical analysis

Have you ever used any of those flip or clamshell phones which switches off and on once it is closed or opened? Such function or feature is only possible through the help of reed switch. In this instance, the lower part of the phone’s body (around the keypad’s position) has normally closed reed switch. In its upper part (around where the screen is positioned), there is the magnet. Whenever you open such phone, the magnet and reed switch will become separated or far apart. The reed switch’s contacts will be pushed together leading to the flow of current in such phone.


Once the phone is closed, the magnet has been automatically swung to close such reed switch. This will make the contacts to be separated thereby bring about circuit breakage. In this case, power is switched off in such phone. The reason for this off/on function is that the circuit which is where you can find the reed switch, will detect whether there is contact or not between the magnet and such switch. The picture above is a typical example of how a reed switch works in clamshell phones as they are closed and opened. 

Another practical way to observe how reed switches function is in devices like Sony and Kindle Ebook readers. Once these readers are put into any protective leather, notice how they will automatically switch off as the cover gets closed. Once the cover is opened, they will switch on again. This is the role of reed switch but most people are yet to discover. Most devices have reed switches and magnets in various parts of their body that make their power to respond to such actions. These switches are also made use of in various forms of security applications and devices. 

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Based on the facts explained above, it is very obvious that reed switches are very much different from micro switches. They have lots of uses and can make devices/appliances function in an effective as well as automatic way. In case you still can’t understand how they work, it will be better to use any of the devices mentioned above. Just observe how they switch off/on once they are closed or opened.

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