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How Does A Rocker Switch Work?

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One of the reasons why most people cannot seem to get the best from their rocker switches is because they do not understand how it works in the first place. As simple as this may sound, it is very crucial and should not be ignored. This is because it can determine how you will be able to get the best from such rocker switch without any compromise. The fact that rocker switches are becoming increasingly popular amongst people of the world is a proof that they work 100%. Therefore, if you have one which has not been able to work as expected, there is every reason to believe that you are not using it properly. 

Are you trying to make your rocker switch work but do not know how to go about such process? Do you know that not understanding how a rocker switch has been designed to function can deprive you of experiencing all of its benefits? In case you are amongst others who do not seem to understand how these switches work, it is important to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. It will be revealing some important details to help you understand how a rocker switch works. 

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How does a rocker switch works

The first thing you should know about rocker switches is that they are expected to either break or connect electrical circuits. This can take place through rocking in either direction. That is to say, once they are pressed, electric circuits can either be connected or disconnected in an electronic appliance. Rocker switches are very common that even video game players do have them nowadays. 

rocker switches' components 

Every rocker switch has two major components. The first of these components is actuator. This is what makes it possible for back and forth rotation to take place. It is through an actuator that force gets applied to the contacts in order to have it turned off/on. The other components in a rocker switch happens to be its contacts. These are very crucial in determining whether the switch is on/off. 

It should be noted that just like most switches, the contacts in a rocker switch can either be closed or open. The closed contact is that state which allows the flow of current for an appliance to be powered on. It is the state whereby the switch has been turned on. Open contacts on the other hand ensures interruption or breaking of electricity flow. 

Every rocker switch has a “switch on” position and “switch off” position. Pushing the button to remain in its “switch on” position will make it maintain closed position. This means current is flowing thereby enabling your device or appliance to be powered. In such position or point, the contacts will be touching. Without the contacts touching, there is no way electricity can flow and have an appliance powered. 

The opposite is the case once the rocker switch gets pushed into its “switch off” position. It will maintain the open contact in such instances meaning that current or electricity will not flow. This is the situation whereby contacts are not touching each other. The device which is being powered by the rocker switch is not going to function. 

There are some rocker switches which have lights to indicate when they have been switched on/off. Pressing to maintain the “switch on” position will have its light turned on. This is an indication that your device or appliance has started working as expected. On the other hand, pressing the button to maintain a “switch off” position will turn of the light. This is a sign that electricity flow in such device has been cut off. 

Please note that majority of the rocker switches in the market usually do not have light to help users know when they are maintaining a closed or open contact position. 

What you should understand about rocker switches

When it comes to talking about how rocker switches function, there is something that most people are always guilty of. This is thinking that such switches have only been designed to power appliances which is not true in any way. Have you ever imagined that rocker switches are also an integral part of modern vehicles?  You must have noticed that most vehicles are integrating automated features to make users/drivers are more comfortable than before. Rocker switches are part of these features. Below are some of the ways that they are making this happen. 

Automatic windows

These are rocker switches which come with spring. The best part about them is that they do not need the help of someone to be closed or opened. You only need to press a button inside the car and the windows will be closed automatically. Automatic car windows have been a complete revolution in recent times. This could not have been possible without the use of rocker switches. 

The car windows can either be lowered or raised by pressing a button. Once your hand is released from the button, such window will return to its original or default state. The use of automatic windows is even becoming more popular amongst people who own luxury homes. This is due to the high level of comfort they provide. 

Automatic doors 

This is another aspect that rocker switches have also proven to be very important in automobiles. Just like what applies in windows, these forms of switches are different from the conventional rocker switches you are used to. This is because they have spring features. It is the reason they are usually referred to as spring loaded rocker switches. 

These forms of rocker switches are responsible for opening and closing doors of cars automatically. The driver or passenger presses the button and the doors will either open or close without the help of someone having to push them. They can also carry out the role of detecting whether such doors are properly closed. 

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Based on the details explained above, it is very obvious that rocker switches can be put to use in various ways. They are one of the best switches you can use for any project. This is due to their simplicity and reliability.

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