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How Does Micro Switch Work In Automotive or a Car?

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How Does Micro Switch Work In Cars?

There has been a major improvement in the automobile industry at the moment. For instance, it is obvious how cars are beginning to have some automated features to ensure drivers and passengers are more comfortable than before. There are lots of aspects or features which used to be operated manually in the past. However, all of these have changed in recent times as car owners now have the luxury of pressing a few buttons. 

However, most people do not even understand that micro switches are majorly responsible for such functions. If you are amongst such persons, there is every reason to believe that you will find it hard getting the best from your car. As a matter of fact, a recent survey revealed that most people do not even know that micro switches are included in their cars to help them function in the most effective manner. 

The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the ways that micro switches have become an integral part of automobiles in recent times. After reading the details about micro switches below, you will have a much better understanding on what they are capable of doing in a car. 

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Detecting role 

Micro switches are known to play sensor or detector roles in devices and appliances. However, very people understand that they are also effective in carrying out such roles in automobiles. By detecting role, we simply mean sensing changes and activating some features without the help of anyone. In this case the micro switch will detect a change in some conditions and get some components activated in your car. 

This is typical of car headlights. Have you ever noticed that they can be automatically turned on due to how the daylight fades out? In other words, they will get activated as the day is becoming darker. This cannot be possible without the help of micro switch. In this case, it can be said to carry out detective role when it comes to checking whether the daylight is fading away. 

The aim of this feature is to ensure that drivers do not have to bother about having their lights turned on and off manually as the daylights changes. Once it becomes dark on the road, you will see the car headlight shining to ensure the driver has a clear view of the road. On the other hand, the headlight will be automatically turned off when daylight is beginning to come out in the early morning periods. 

This is typical of a detective role being played micro switch to activate change whenever such is necessary in the car. It detects when the headlights are supposed to be turned on/off in a car without anyone helping out. This is one of the most notable developments that modern cars are beginning to take. The unfortunate aspect is that most people do not know the presence of micro switch has made such functionality to be possible.  

How does this process happen?

Having said the above, there is every reason to believe that you must be asking how such process takes place. It is very easy to understand as micro switches have open contacts and closed contact points. Each of these points are existing to determine whether electricity/current will be flowing to components at different periods of time or not. For instance, there is usually flow of electricity when the micro switch is maintaining a closed contact position. In this case, there is contact between components thereby leading to voltage being present. 

On the other hand, the open contact is a point where there will not be any flow of current. In other words, the micro switch can be said to be in a dormant state. Another name for such is resting state. It is the situation when a micro switch is not activating the supply of electricity for components to be powered. 

Putting of all these together, it can be said that the micro switch is maintaining an open contact position when the headlights of a car remain turned off. This is because there is no flow of electricity for such lights to be powered. On the other hand, there is closed contact when the headlights are turned on due to darkness on the road. In such instance, there will be flow of electricity.  

Car door lock system

The car door lock system is very important. As a matter of fact, it is usually taken into serious consideration by most people when they are planning on which automobile to purchase. This is because without out an effective lock system in place, there is every chance that lots things will go wrong. For instance, the security of such car can be easily breached thereby leading to loss of properties. 

Do you know that micro switches also have very important roles to play when it comes to effective car lock systems? Without their inclusion, it will be very difficult for a modern car security not to be breached by unauthorized individuals. Just as explained above, these switches have been designed or built to carry out detective roles. In other words, they can detect when the doors in car are closed or open. 

Have you ever entered a car whereby the door is not properly closed and such is reading on the driver dashboard? This is usually made possible by the presence of a micro switch. It senses such situation and sends signals to the dashboard. Once the door is properly closed, the signal will no longer be on the dashboard. 

Another aspect is the ignition switch. There are lots of cars which have micro switch in the ignition switches. As the key is turned towards a particular direction, the engine will start. That is usually the role of a micro switch at work. 

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It is very obvious that based on the above, there are lots of crucial roles that micro switches play in automobiles. It has even been predicted that as the years are going by, companies in the automobile industry will be discovering more ways to use them.

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