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How Does Micro Switch Work In Emergency Stop Buttons?

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How Does Micro Switch Work In Emergency Stop Buttons?

The functions of a micro switch are so vast that most people do not understand or know all of them. For instance, these switches can be used in powering devices like washing machines, security cameras, air conditioner units and many others. Despite all of these, companies are researching more ways that a micro switch can be put to more uses. The aim is to ensure users are able to experience high level of comfort while using such devices and appliances. 

Although micro switches are very popular, it is important to know that there are some certain aspects that most users of electronic devices are yet to really understand about them. For instance, most people usually argue whether micro switches are installed in emergency stop buttons. There are those on the other hand, who do not believe that these switches are included in such buttons let alone knowing how they work. 

The major aim of this post is to reveal how a micro switch has been designed to work in an emergency stop button. In case you have got any of these buttons, it is recommended to read the details below from beginning to the end. It will be revealing everything you need to know about micro switches and emergency stop buttons with regards to how the former works. 

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What is an emergency stop button?

Just as the name sounds, this button has one major objective. This is the ability to control emergency situations. They can be found in different environments/settings like hospitals, construction site, schools and more. Emergency stop buttons are used to stop situations that may appear to be hazardous to people. The problem is that when these buttons are mentioned, most people will be of the opinion that they special buttons which have been designed to meet special needs. 

The truth is that emergency buttons are not special in any way. This is because they are like any other button you must have seen in the past. As a matter of fact, a conventional stop button can be used to function as emergency stop button. The only difference is that they are mostly needed during situations that require emergency to ensure safety of lives and property. 

A typical example of an emergency button is when there is a fire outbreak in a building. Once the alarm is triggered, there can also be an emergency button to alert people about what is going on. The functions of an emergency button are almost limitless. The only thing you should rather be concerned about is how a micro switch works in them.     

What you have to understand 

The first thing you should know about these buttons is the fact that without a micro switch, they will not function as expected. Also, emergency stop buttons can either work in an automatic or manual way. These cannot be possible without the effectiveness of a micro switch. For instance, for such stop button to work in an automatic manner, the micro switch can act as a sensor or detector. By this, it can detect when certain changes have occurred and respond accordingly.   

Have you ever seen how an automatic alarm system works? In this system, no button needs to be pressed by anyone. Instead the, system is activated once fire is detected. It is the micro switch which detects or senses fire outbreak and sends signal to the other components of such device. In this case, the alarm will start producing sounds once the emergency button gets activated. The process will stop automatically through the stop button being activated automatically.  

Talking about manual, it means the stop button works once pressed by someone. In such an instance, it is expected to work or activate without being operated by someone. It means that for flow of current to stop, there has to be someone pressing the emergency button. The same can also be said of when the system needs to be activated. It needs to be operated by someone for current to either stop or continue flowing. 

Generally speaking, it can be said that emergency stop buttons usually function in two ways based on how they have been designed. These are manual or automatic. It should be noted that most stop buttons are automatic. 

How does a micro switch work?

The way that micro switches work in emergency stop buttons is quite easy to understand. Just as said above, these buttons are existing to ensure the flow of current is interrupted especially during times of emergency. In other words, they will help to determine whether current flows into a device or not. These buttons function via the closed and open contacts of a micro switch. Through contact points like these, current can either flow or be interrupted in a system. 

The open contact is when there is electricity flow in a device. When the emergency stop button gets activated, the micro switch will maintain an open contact position. This is means the device or system has been stopped from working due to an emergency like fire outbreak, malfunctioning of a machine or something else. 

On other hand, there is every tendency for the stop button to be deactivated. In such case, the system, device or machine will start working again. This is made possible by the closed contact position. It is the point whereby there is flow of current/electricity. At this point, the emergency stop button has been deactivated. This means it is not working as explained above. The micro switch plays a crucial role to detect when open or closed contact position needs to be maintained in the emergency stop button.  

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that emergency stop buttons are installed in systems to interrupt the flow of current. However, it can also be seen that such functionality is not possible without the presence of a micro switch in them. This usually happens through its closed and open contact as explained above. It is recommended to observe how these buttons work in systems to have an in-depth understanding.  

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