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How Does Micro Switch Work In Timer Controls?

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How Does Micro Switch Work In Timer Controls?

The functions or roles of micro switches is almost limitless at the moment. There are too many electrical appliances and devices that it is being used in. The reason for its increasing popularity is very simple to understand. This is the fact that it is not just flexible but can also help to ensure such devices perform optimally when put to use by their owners. It is one technology that seems to be improving as the years are going by. 

Despite most people being aware of their inclusion in appliances like refrigerators, sliding doors, air conditioners, rice cookers, washing machines and others, it is easy conclude that very few persons know about these switches in timer controls. This may sound unbelievable but it is the simple truth. They are included in timer controls more than you can ever imagine. 

Do you want to know how micro switches work in timer controls? Are you aware that such switches are probably the most important components of these electrical devices? You have come to the right place where lots of information will be shared on timer controls and micro switches. After reading the facts below, you will definitely have a much better understanding on this subject matter. 

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What is a timer?

A timer is a device (specialized) that is used in monitoring time intervals. It is an electronic device that is used in controlling time over and over again. Timers are majorly used in having cycles completed at specific times. It is important to point out that most electrical devices today make use of timers in one way or another. Sometimes, you must have even used them without knowing. With a timer, there is always a preset time that cycles are meant to be completed. Once this is done or achieved, it will start all over again. 

The bottom line to always remember is that timers are control devices. They are usually known to produce signal outputs once a preset time is reached. For this process to happen or be completed successfully, input signals must be received. They have pointers just like normal clock. However, it is important to note that they are different from the conventional clocks that you are used to. For instance, their hands move in a slightly different way. 

This could be faster or slower depending on what they have been built to achieve. Sometimes, push buttons need to be pressed for them to be activated unlike the traditional clocks which work continuously. 

The role of micro switches in timer control

Without micro switch being installed in these devices, they will run without producing any output signal. Do not forget that they have been designed to reach a particular stage after which signals will then be produced as explained above. This is only possible through the presence of a micro switch. It ensures that the timer knows whether a cycle has been completed or not. This is made possible through its ability to detect or sense when such cycle has been reached. In other words, it can detect when a timer device runs out. 

Here is a typical example that will help you understand much better about timers and micro switches. Have you ever noticed any of those timer devices used to record the time people complete their exercises? It could be that they are expected to finish their tasks within a specific time. Once the time reaches, an alarm will be triggered. This means that the time allocated to them has been exhausted. 

That is a typical example of a timer. In other for it to be controlled in the most effective and accurate manner, there is the inclusion of micro switch. It senses and detects when the time has been reached and also triggers the alarm of such system. 

How does this process happen?

Just as explained above, it is the micro switch that controls timer devices. It helps them to know when a particular cycle has been reached or completed. As the timer clock counts, it is expected to stop at a preset time. Again, this is determined by a micro switch. Read on in case you are still wondering how this tends to happen. Micro switches operate based on their two contact points. These are known as normally open contacts and normally closed contacts. It is through these points that a timer device can either stop or continue working once it has been set to attain a preset time. 

For instance, the closed contact is a stage or point where the micro switch allows current to flow in a device. This simply implies that it will work as expected when the closed contact is working. At this state, the timer device components are expected to function. On the other hand, the open contact is that point whereby there is no electricity flow in a timer device. It usually happens once timer devices have reached their maximum points. 

For instance, if the timer has been set to trigger an alarm after 60minutes, it means such device will not work once the preset time (60minutes) reaches. The micro switch is responsible for all of these. It will maintain an open contact position. This means it will make the timer not work since there is no flow of current amongst its components. 

Just as said above, such switch can even be put to more use like being installed on a push button alarm system. In this case, it will not only detect whether the preset time has reached or not. Also, it will have an alarm system triggered.  The bottom line about all of these is to always remember that micro switches can determine when timer devices stop or continue through their two contact points. 

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Based on the above explanation, there is one clear simple fact. This has to do with how micro switches are proving to be very crucial when it comes to enabling timer devices function in the most effective manner. 

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