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How To Replacing Your Refrigerator's Micro Switch

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Many Of us like to repair appliances on our own at our homes. The reason isn't always saving money. From time to time, this adds to our understanding about a specific appliance. Let us find out how you can replace the micro switch in your fridge.

Microswitches Play an important role in the durability of any appliance. If these switches start creating problems, it can influence the operation of that appliance. Suppose, your refrigerator gets dysfunctional one morning because a micro switch in its own dispenser has ceased functioning. Do not worry; we are here to give you a hand. You are able to replace the microswitch of this dispenser by following the actions discussed below.

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Organizing things first

The First step in this aspect is the arrangement of tools that will be asked to perform this procedure. The tools which are necessary to substitute a microswitch of your fridge's dispenser include a new micro switch, screwdriver, knife, and electrical tape. It's also advised to have a cloth around you for cleansing purposes.

Power Shutdown

Before Starting any repair job, it is important to take out the power connections of your appliance to start your work with safety. You'll also need to follow the same precautions for your replacement of this switch.

Removal of the Drip Tray

To Get things started, remove the drip tray from your dispenser. You will need a knife to eliminate it. Wrap your knife using electrical tape to stop your dispenser and drip tray in the sharp edge of this knife. After removing the tray, you will notice a plug in that transfers power to buttons.

Removal of this Old Micro Switch

Once You've successfully removed the drip tray and plug in, you can now take the older switch. You can pull that hook off using a screwdriver and take the switch from it. The old microswitch can be now be disposed of.

Installation of New Alter:

For This measure, you only need to undo the preceding step. Just like you removed the old switch, you need to install the new switch. Ensure that the new switch is installed and cables coming out are placed in the correct position。

Reconnection of this harness connector

You Are moving closure to finish the procedure. After installing the brand new micro switch, the harness connector can be now reconnected. Lift it above the casing of blower and exert some force in the bottom to get it locked.

Finishing Up

After The successful installation of the microswitch and harness connection, you're almost there. Just revive the drip tray in its original position and join your fridge with electricity supplies .

So, There are seven measures which you may take to replace your old micro switch with a fresh one. Ensure that you don't lose out on any security measures while carrying out this action.

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