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How To Wire A Micro Switch?

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Wiring a micro switch can be likened to a two way street. You either look at it as something that is very difficult or you can see it as something that can be done easily. The knowledge you have about the item is what will determine which side of the divide you will belong to. 

If you want to be successful on your quest to wire a micro switch, then you have to start by knowing a few things about the device. With the right knowledge, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals and get your micro switch wired without any stress. Let us begin from here.

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Parts of a micro switch 

Every micro switch is made up of 3 basic parts. They are called the Common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed. These three tiny parts are what controls all the activities of a micro switch. The common is where current passes through. Anytime the micro switch is in its resting position, it is connected with the common. That means, whenever the micro switch is pressed down, it connects with the common. But the moment it is depressed, it returns back to the normally open leg. 

The above paragraph might look like something that is really simple, but these explained parts are what controls the basic, essential operations that go on inside the micro switch. 

Basic types of micro switch

Another thing you need to realize is that the way a micro switch is wired also depends on the type of micro switch you are working with. For a broad type of categorization, there are two basic types of micro switch. They are the miniature micro switch and sub-miniature micro switch. All the micro switch fall into these groups. 

Identifying the micro switch

It may be one thing for you to know that a micro switch has three parts, but it is entirely another thing for you to know the parts themselves. For you to identify the parts accurately. You need to turn to the side of the switch. On the side of the micro switch, you would notice that the three legs will have their different alphabets by their sides.

You would see C, that one stands for common. You would see NO – that one stands for normally open. Finally, you would see NC – that one stands for normally closed. 

Connecting the micro switch

The connection is pretty straightforward when you know how it is done. This is how you go about it. Perhaps, you have a device that you would love to turn on with the micro switch. What you would do is to connect the positive terminal of the power source to the NO (normally open), connect the C terminal to one side of the device you intend to turn on, and the negative of the power source will be connected to the other side of the device. That will automatically switch on the device you are trying to on. 

So if you want the device to be switched off, you will need to remove the wire from the NO (normally open) position and connect it to the NC (normally closed) position. By doing that, the device switches off automatically. Have you seen how easy it is for you to control a device, for instance, a light bulb with a micro switch? Anyone who can read simple instructions can get this done in no time. From the content below you can see that you do not need to become a professor of electronics or a technical guru before you can pull this one of. 

Connecting a micro switch to two devices

The positive terminal of the power source will be connected to the common, while the two devices will be connected to the negative terminal of the power source. Then you would connect the NO to the other end of one of the two devices, while the NC will be connected to the end of the remaining device. That way, when you press the micro switch the power will move between the two devices – that is, one will be on and the other will be off. If you are doing the two device connection, just ensure you double check all connections for everything to work accordingly. 

Some of The Things You need To Do This

As you would suppose, there are a couple of things one would need before they can get on with this process. You are going to need some wires (two different colors preferably), soldering iron, wire stripper, and lead for the soldering. With these items, it will be appropriate to say that you are 50% ready for your mini project. 

Melt the lead on the wire after stripping it with the stripper. When you are done with that, use a clip to hold the micro switch and identify where you want that wire to be soldered against. It is pretty straightforward. I would love to remind you that you have to be very careful when doing this so you do not expose your body to the soldering iron. It can be extremely hot and can cause you some visible skin burns. Do not be in a hurry to finish off your soldering. That is where many people make mistake. It is a process that requires 100% concentration, so you have to be fully focused when doing it. 

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If you didn’t grasp anything in this post, you should at least know that you don’t have to become a certified technician before you can wire a micro switch. It is one of the simplest things you must have been running from all this while. Knowing all the terminals of a micro switch like the way we have described above is the first step to successfully connecting the micro switch. After knowing the terminals, just know which terminals should be connected to where, and you are good to go. Remember to apply a great deal of caution when doing the soldering, and the others will be history.

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