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Is A Push Button Micro Switch 12V Better Than A 12V Rocker Switch Waterproof?

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Is A Push Button Micro Switch 12V Better Than A 12V Rocker Switch Waterproof?

When it comes to micro switches and rocker switches, there have been lots of arguments in recent times. Most people are confused about which one is better. For instance, some people have always believe that micro switches offers better features and functionalities. On the other hand, there are people who believe that rocker switches are much better. This argument has been going on for years without any clear conclusion amongst various users. The truth about both switches is that are the latest technologies that seem to be mostly preferred by manufacturers/producers of electronic gadgets and devices. 

In case you happen to be amongst any of the categories of individuals mentioned above, there is no need to bother or even rack your brains. This is because you have come to the right place to understand more about rocker switches and micro switches. The major aim of this post is to explain more about micro switches and rocker switches in a clear and comprehensive manner. 

There is absolutely no doubt that after reading the details below, you will understand what makes these two forms of switches better and special than others. Also, you will know which of them is better than the other. The details below will definitely help to ensure you make the right decision when trying to purchase any of these switches. 

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Their similarities 

There is something most people do not understand or know about rocker switches and micro switches. This is the fact that they tend to share some similarities. For instance, they are both designed to regulate how current flows in and out of components in a device. In other words, they can either stop or allow current flow into a device or appliance. They both do this process through their contact points which is known as “Normally Open” and “Normally Closed”. Most people are of the opinion that these contact points can only be found in micro switches. This is not true in any way as they are also present in a rocker switch. 

It is through Normally Open and Normally Closed that current can either flow or stop flowing in a device or appliance once these switches are used. For instance, the normally closed point allows flow of electricity/voltage thereby making your device to work. If you have a device or appliance whereby micro switch has been installed, this will appear very obvious. When such appliance starts to work, it means the contact point being maintained at such moment is Normally Closed. 

Conversely, a normally open does not permit the flow of electricity. Instead, it will do the opposite which is interrupting such flow to ensure your device or appliance stops working. At such point, there will not be electricity to power the device. 

It should be noted that with regards to Normally Closed and Normally Open contact points, micro switch and rocker switch are very similar. They share a lot of similarities in this regards. This is because when both are switched on, they will either maintain a position of Normally Open or Normally Closed. Just as explained in the case of a micro switch above, that is how rocker switches also function. They can either stop or allow current to flow amongst components of a device.  

Their differences

It is true that micro switches and rocker switches are similar in lots of ways as pointed out above. However, they are also different in various ways. For instance, micro switches have always been known to play the role of detector or sensor. Rocker switches on the other hand, do not carry out such function in devices or appliance that they have been installed in. Instead, they are straightforward in terms of how their roles are executed. This is either interrupting the flow of electricity or allowing such process to continue. A micro switch is different given that its functions or roles go beyond such. 

For instance, they are perfect when it comes to playing the role of a detector when used. By this, we simply mean checking the various changes that are occurring in devices as they work. A typical example of micro switch functioning as sensor is how car headlights work. In case you do not know, there are cars making use of micro switches in recent times. The reason is simple to understand which is ensuring the highest level of efficiency in terms of their overall performances. 

You must have noticed when cars have their headlights automatically turning on and off. This is a micro switch working as detector or sensor. It detects when it is the ideal time for such headlights to be turned on/off for the safety of the driver. The entire process is automatic and you will not have to do anything. 

Which of these switches is better?

When it comes to micro switches and rocker switches, it is very difficult to tell which one is better than the other since both have proven to be very effective when used in appliances over the years. They deliver the best features and functionalities to ensure such devices are working as expected. However, micro switches seem to be more flexible than rocker switches. For instance, they can work automatically through their sensor or detector abilities. This is a huge plus since they can help play various roles without being monitored or operated. 

Rocker switches are different as they need to be constantly operated. For instance, you need to either have them switched on or off to deliver as expected. In other words, they only function to have devices or appliances switched on and off. Micro switches carry out more flexible functions which aid devices perform much better. There are appliances which have micro switches and rocker switches. In such a case, both will carry out different functions.   

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Based on the above, it can be seen that just as micro switches and rocker switches are different, both tend to have some similarities. However, the former (micro switches) seemed to be more flexible in terms of the roles it performs in devices and appliances as compared to the latter (rocker switches). 

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