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Is Micro Switch Button Automated or Manual?

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Is Micro Switch Button Automated or Manual?

There have been lots of arguments amongst people with regards to how micro switches carry out their functions and roles in appliances. For instance, there are those who believe that these switches have been designed to perform automatically without the help or assistance of anyone. On the other hand, there are those who believe such switches can only be used manually. In other words, they are operated by individuals before being able to work as expected. 

Do you belong to any of the above categories of individuals? Are you aware that micro switches work in a special way that help devices function optimally? In case this has been hindering your chances of using or purchasing a micro switch all these while, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. 

It will be revealing facts about how micro switches have been built to function in appliances and devices. After checking out the details below, one thing will always be certain. This is the fact that you will have an in-depth understanding about micro switches and how they function. It will help you know how they can be effectively used in any of your electrical projects without hassle. 

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What you should understand about micro switches

There is something you need to know about micro switches. This is the fact that they have been developed to work both automatically and manually. In other words, they are fixed in devices to work automatically thereby determining how current flows amongst components. The automated feature of these switches can be seen in cases whereby they are expected to play the roles of detector and sensor. This means they are to detect various changes in devices and activated some certain functionalities or features. 

This is evident in the case of washing machines whereby micro switches can detect the status of the doors whether they are open or closed. If they are open, it will send signals to other components thereby stopping them from working. It can also detect the level of water in such appliance with a view to knowing whether clothes can be washed effectively or not. 

These are a typical example of the automated features of a micro switch. They are roles carried out without anyone helping in such process. In other words, they are executed automatically in devices and applications without any button being pressed. 

Micro switches can be said to work in a manual way when buttons are required to be pressed for certain functions to be carried out. This is obvious in the case of a bulb which is being powered by a micro switch. You will notice that the bulb and battery have been connected to the switch. 

You have to press the switch for it to snap back and forth. This is the only way the bulb can be switched off. In such case, you will notice that it is not automatic. If the switch is not pressed, there is no way the bulb is going to be switched on. This is a clear case of micro switch working manually.   

Here are some examples 

In other to make you understand very well, the details below will be listing out devices where micro switches work automatically and manually. 

Sliding doors 

In sliding doors, micro switches play the role of a detector. In other words, they sense when normally open or close contact needs to be activated. This is the point where current can either be interrupted or allowed to flow. Have you ever noticed a door opening or closing on its own because someone is around? This is made possible through the presence of a micro switch. 

It has a sensor that automatically checks whether someone is around or not to either open or close. Once changes have been detected, it can either be activated to maintain a normally closed or normally open position. This is a process that happens over and over again in sliding doors. They open and close automatically without the help of someone. It is how they have been built to function through the help of micro switch.  


In case you do not know, micro switches are being used in vehicles more than ever before. This is due to how effective they have been discovered to be when it comes to activating certain functions. For instance, they help to detect when headlights should be switched on or off in cars. It is possible you have seen those cars that have headlights which switch on and off automatically without the help of anyone. 

This is micro switch at work. It makes such possible through its ability to detect whether sunlight has gone down or not on the road. The primary aim of such functionality is to ensure the driver is safe through clear vision. 

Once there is no more sunlight to enable the driver see clearly, the headlights will be turned on. On the other hand when the daylight becomes bright enough, the headlights will be turned off again. Micro switch detects when car headlights need to be turned on/off. 

Push button alarm 

Push button alarm systems are another typical example of how micro switches can function both manually and automatically. Without the button being pressed or pushed, the alarm system will not be triggered. For instance, as you press the button during fire outbreak, the alarm system will start producing a sound thereby creating awareness. 

The above is a manual process since a button will have to be pressed before the system can be activated. This is because for the system to produce such sound, the button will have to be pressed. This is how current can be released to ensure the alarm is activated.  

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that micro switches can either function automatically or manually. It all depends on the device or appliances that they have been built to work in. Understanding this aspect properly, will enable you put a micro switch to effective use.  

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