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Is Micro Switch The Same As Safety Switch?

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Is Micro Switch The Same As Safety Switch?

One of the major functions or roles of a micro switch is to ensure that appliances are functioning as expected. They can also be used for powering bulbs/lights. This is all about having them turned on/off via a snap-action button as many would like to call it. There are many ways that these switches are being put to use in modern times. For instance, they have become an integral part of refrigerators, air conditioner units and washing machines. You will notice that these appliances are important when it comes to experiencing true and uncompromised comfort. 

Despite all of these functionalities, it has been discovered that there are various aspects/subjects about micro switches that people are yet to understand. The implication of such ignorance is that you will find it hard getting the best from their potentials. One of the arguments that people are yet to clearly understand or resolve is whether micro switches can also function as safe switches. In case you are amongst the people mentioned above, there is no need to ask such question again. This is post will be clarifying the air about micro switches and safety switches. All you are required to do is have the details read. 

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What is a micro switch?

In other to make you understand whether a micro switch and safety switch are the same, it is crucial to explain both terms in details. A micro switch is also known as snap-action switch. It is used in controlling the rate at which current flows in the various components of devices. Without a micro switch being installed, it will be very hard for appliances to function as expected. The reason for this is quite simple. They are meant to determine how and when current is supposed to flow in devices and appliances. You can call them electricity regulator in such appliances. 

What is a safety switch?

Safety switches majorly have one purpose which is to ensure that appliances and devices are working in the safest way possible. It is important to note that there is no one switch that is generally referred to as safety switch. Instead, the name has come based on the way switches have been designed to function in appliances. 

What actually determines whether a switch qualifies to be called a safety switch is whether it can help protect devices from being damaged by excessive current. In other words, they are switches which can help ensure appliances are safe while working. 


Is a safety switch the same as micro switch?

Having explained the meaning of safety switch and micro switch, it can be seen that they are both one and the same thing. In other words, micro switch ensures that devices are working in a safe manner. There are lots of devices that micro switches are being installed in. They have the sole aim of regulating how these devices work over a given period. Most people usually refer to them as safety switches due to how they have been designed to help doors work in an automated way. 

However, there are various circumstances that can make them to be called safety switches apart from how they function in doors. However, they are also protecting the components of an appliance. Without these switches functioning as safety switches, most devices and appliances will breakdown earlier than expected. 

The reason for this is very simple to understand. They help regulate how such electrical appliances function. Therefore, they are there to help ensure such components are not overworked in any way. They check to know whether components are well-positioned in order to function as expected. 

Typical examples of micro switches functioning as safety switches

This section will be helping to explain more about why micro switches do function as safety switches. We will be looking at some various ways that this functionality has been possible. 


Micro switches are included in cars in case you have not noticed. A typical example of this can be seen in how the headlights of most modern cars have been built to work. They will be automatically turned on when the day is becoming dark for the driver to see clearly.  You must have noticed this function in a car. The headlights get automatically turned on without assistance from anyone. 

During night periods, the micro switch in a car will maintain closed position. This is a sign that current is flowing to power the headlights for the driver to see very well. The car engine has to be powered on/working before this can happen though. 

Air conditioner unit 

Micro switch in this case plays the role of a detector to ensure the way components work in such electrical appliance are well regulated. AC units are expected to cold the temperature in rooms or any enclosed space. However, such does not mean they will have to work non-stop without any interruption. 

If you have noticed how your air conditioner unit works, one thing is obvious. This is the fact that it works for some time and stops automatically without you having to turn off the switch or press any button. This is a safety switch or micro switch at work. It determines when the AC will stop working. 

Washing machine 

Washing machines can only work properly when their doors and openings have been closed. This is usually detected by a micro switch. It is not safe putting your clothes or other materials when these appliances are not closed since something can go wrong. 

When a micro switch detects such problem, it sends signals to the dashboard to ensure the doors are well closed. Without such switch being installed, it becomes difficult to tell whether something has gone wrong in a washing machine or not. It can also detect whether water is up to an acceptable level or not in such appliance. 

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Based on the above explanation, it is very clear that micro switches can also be seen as safety switches. They help ensure that appliances are working in a very safe manner.  

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