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Micro Switch And Membrane Switch Working Principles And Application Characteristics

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Micro switches and membrane switches are very commonly used functional switches, however there are a number of differences between both of these switches. Thus, what are the differences between micro switch and membrane switch?

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Working principles:

The micro switch is a switch that could be turned on by gently pressing the button button when in use, and can be turned off as soon as the hand is discharged. The internal structure is realized by the metallic shrapnel springing after being stressed. Membrane switch is a key switch with its own circuit. Normally the uppermost layer is a panel with text or patterns composed of PET or PC, etc.. The lower layer is a perceptible circuit, and the middle layer is a double-sided adhesive made from PET material that simulates the kind of a switch and functions as an isolation The components are normally the contacts and connecting lines on the PET material. After pressing the button component of the surface layer with your finger, then the touch point of this button and the corresponding part of the contact of this lower layer part form a current link.

Application attributes:

The micro switch is small in size and is a typical part. The dimensions and related parameters must be combined with industry standards. The membrane switch can be customized based on client requirements, different dimensions, look and color, etc., more convenient and flexible to use. The closed structure and watertight structure of this membrane switch have better adaptability to the environment. The micro switch can't produce functions independently, and must be used along with the PCB circuit board to form a complete opening and final control system. The membrane switch integrates the panel, switch, and perceptible circuit to create a whole control system separately.

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