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Micro Switch Internals – Here Some Facts You Should Understand From Micro Switches Factory

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One of the major reasons why most people can't use micro switches in the most effective manner is because they lack understanding about most of its components. Whether you want to believe it or not, the truth is that these electrical devices are sometimes complicated to operate especially when you have little or no understanding about their internal parts. Micro switches are highly reliable and effective when used in various electrical devices like refrigerator, washing machines, security cameras, sliding doors and more. 

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Are you searching for the right place to learn more about micro switches? Do you know that such knowledge is very crucial and will determine how you can make effective use of such electrical switches? The good part is that there won’t be any need for such again. This is because you have come to the right place. The major aim of this post will be to explain some of the components of micro switches. There is no doubt that after checking out the details of this post, you will understand more about an electrical switch including how its internal components have been built to function. 

Why know these components?

Before listing out the various components of an electrical switch, it is important to know why such knowledge is important. Below are some of the reasons. 

Repair experience

Have you been thinking about how to repair your micro switch in the past? Do you know that such can’t be possible without knowing how the parts or components have been put together? These switches have various parts and it is very important to find out how they function in order to ensure effective repair process. Anything short of this can lead to guesswork which won’t be effective. Through such knowledge, you can understand the component which needs to be replaced. 

Great shopping experience

Micro switches are of various types. For instance, those included in home appliances are different from the ones you will find in industrial products. Knowing about such components is a very effective way to ensure you get the ultimate shopping experience. For instance, you can know the particular micro switch that will be a perfect fit for your project. 

Having discovered the reason to know the various components in a micro switch, the details below will explain more about such parts. 


Common is an important component of every micro switch in the market today. It is responsible for supplying voltage to a device once the micro switch is turned on. Under normal circumstances, micro switches are used to ensure connections in appliances are broken. There are usually 2 terminals – load terminal and supply terminal. The common is the component or part which makes it possible for connection of live wire in micro switches. 

In a typical micro switch which is of 2-ways, the common makes it possible for such connection of the appliance to be either switched on/off. It is through the common that other parts such as “Normally Closed” and “Normally Opened” will be activated for the device to be either turned on/off. 

Micro switch caps 

Through micro switch caps, it becomes very easy for having the switch identified. Most of the time, you will usually find this over the actuator’s top. They are also fixed to provide protection. Every micro switch you will find in the market has this component. 

Repairing micro switch caps is always very technical as compared to other components. This is because you will need to test whether they are functioning as expected before deciding to take any action. 

Microswitch Boots

Over the micro switch actuator is where switch boots are usually placed. They can also be found in other parts of such electrical switch. The primary aim for this is to ensure that ingress of materials is prevented. They can also be included for the purpose identification just like micro switch caps explained above. 

These components are sometimes color-coded in order to indicate the switch is part of a given system or circuit. It is also possible for them to be outfitted using color boots. When this happens, locating such switch becomes much easier.  


Micro switches have been designed in a way that they will be required to change from one state to another in order to work as expected. For mechanical force to be applied, actuators are needed. They are the channel through which this process can take place. They are the components responsible for the change of state in micro switches. 

Actuators can be in different forms/designs like levels, buttons, and others. Most of the time, it is the type of appliance which such micro switch has been designed for that will determined the form of actuator to be included. When it comes to doors for instance, buttons usually work fine as compared to levers. Buttons are also ideal for alarm systems which have micro switches. 


Terminal Covers 

When micro switches are built, terminal covers are included in them. This is to ensure they are protected against any form of potential contaminant. There will be problem once terminals begin to come in close contact with operators in micro switches. An issue such as this can bring about shock which will be life-threatening. Terminal covers have been designed to ensure such is avoided.  

When your switch is exposed to contaminants, there is every chance that it will not function as expected. This is where terminal covers will become very useful. They are there to ensure your switch lasts as long as possible. 

Hex Nuts

These are very important in micro switches. They are nuts which get threaded into such switches to hold them in place. They are a very effective way of ensuring the switch is secured. Removing them is very easy once there is need for such. 

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In summary of the above, it can be seen that there are lots of components associated with a micro switch. It is important you understand each of them in order to ensure an effective repair and maintenance process.  The components listed above are a perfect starting point for anyone who is interested in learning more about these switches.

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