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Micro Switch Types Supply By China Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer

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Fundamental micro switch is an essential member for micro switch family, for its broad use and generally found in household appliance and electrical instrument, and that is precisely why it's called"basic switch". As an example, the refrigerator and power tools, ice maker, air-conditioner etc all these appliances or equipment can be found basic switch for smart control. For the interest of great potential market share, many electronic component producers take it as a new business opportunity and dedicate to manufacturing and researching this sort switch.

Unionwell is dedicated to supplying various kinds of cost-effective micro switches, modules and other electronic parts for the global industry.

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There are five common classifications collected by Uionwell:

1. Base on the dimensions, there are basic, miniature and subminiature micro swithes;

2. Base about the protective performance, there are watertight, dustproof and explosion-proof micro swithes;

3. Base on breaking type, such as single-connection kind, double-connection type and multi-connection type micro swithes.

4. Base on breaking capacity, you will find standard type, DC kind, micro present type and high current type micro switches.

5. Base on the operating environment, you will find ordinary type, high temperature resistant form, ultra high temperature resistant ceramic type micro switches.

For more information about micro switch, you can visit unionwell at  https://www.unionwells.com 

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Unionwell is one of the leading China micro switch, slide switch, door latch, car door lock, mechanical switches manufacturers. The company operates a 22,000+ square meter factor located in the gateway between Shenzhen and Dongguang. They produce an output of more than 300 million pieces annually. The company is known for making a wide variety of cost-effective micro switches, modules and other precise electronic components. Products are fully tested and compliant with UL, ENEC, EK, CQC laboratory certifications. 

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