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Micro Switch Wiring – Here Are Facts You Should Know

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When it comes to micro switches working properly, there are some facts you ought to be aware of. Failure to have adequate knowledge about them can be interpreted as struggling to make your micro switch work optimally. You don’t want to spend money on a device that can‘t work as expected. This can be very frustrating especially when you have an electrical project construction going on. Most people talk about micro switch installation. This can’t be complete without wiring. These two are closely connected that you need to properly understand them for your micro switch to function 100%. 

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Here is the perfect solution

In case you are struggling to understand the process of micro switch wiring, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. It will be revealing facts related to how micro switches can be wired successfully without any hassle. It is recommended that you check out the details below before working on your electrical switches today. This is because it will provide you with base knowledge on how such devices have been designed to function.  Apart from knowing about the whole wiring process, there are some important lessons this post will be revealing to you. 

What you should know

Just as explained above, understanding how to wire a micro switch isn’t good enough since there are lots of facts you need to understand before this device can work properly. Anything short of this means you may likely struggle to maximize its potentials. The first is to know what a micro switch internal components actually looks like. Most people look at a micro switches for the first time and don’t really understand how they can be connected the right way. The details below will help you understand the entire process and ensure your switch can be used successfully on any system of your choice. Let’s get on with it.  

The diagram of a micro switch is similar to that of a circuit. There are 3 circles in such diagram. In between 2 of these circles, there is a line which runs through. The diagram below will explain more about this in details. 

Micro Switch Wiring

The circle labelled A is usually called Common. It is the point through which electricity will usually flow to point C. Circle B is known as “Normally Open’ while Circle C is referred to as “Normally closed”. Under normal circumstances, Circle A and Circle C are connected. However, once it is pressed, the Common (A) will then be connected to the Normally Open (B). 

It will then spring back to the normal position in the diagram once you release your hand. You only need to press the micro switch on/off button for this process to be carried out. Under real life situations, you will come across two types of micro switches. These are miniature switches and sub miniature switches. Although there are other types, the diagram above applies to all of them. In other words, once the switch button is pressed, Common connects with Normally Closed. However, once your hand is released, the Common will then connect back to Normally Opened.  

Look at your micro switch closely and take note of the letters written on it. For instance, you will likely see letters like C, NC, NO. These shouldn’t be ignored since they have meanings that can help you do proper wiring. For instance, C stands for “Common”. NC stands for “Normally Closed” while NO stands for “Normally Open”. You can see that these are exactly as explained above. 

Most micro switches always come with side tabs. Please note that such side tabs have been usually designed to function as “Common”. The bottom always contains “Normally Open” and “Normally Closed”. 

Micro Switch Wiring 2

How to wire a micro switch correctly

You will need some items for this process. These are: 

Micro switch 


An electrical device such as bulb

Wire (5amp red and black)

Soldering iron

Plier to cut wires

Clamps to hold wires while they are being soldered

It is necessary you have these items at your disposal in order to make the entire process very smooth and hitch-free. 

Micro Switch Wiring 3

In order to have the bulb turned on using the micro switch, the wire should be connected to the battery and Normally Open. Another wire should be used in connecting the Common and the bulb. The negative of the power source (battery) should also be connected to the component for this to work. Once this is done, the bulb will be turned on automatically whenever the switch is pressed. 

For the switch to automatically turn off the bulb, you will have to connect a wire between the battery and Normally Closed. Also, a wire should run from the Common to the bulb. Finally, there should be another wire running from the battery’s negative to the bulb. This will make it possible for such bulb to be switched on automatically using the micro switch. 

In case you have two bulbs and would like to have one switched on while the other remains switched off. Follow the instructions below. 

Connect a wire between the Common and battery. The Normally Open should be connected to the bulb you would like to turn on using another wire. The Normally Close should be connected to the bulb you want turned off. There should also be a wire connecting the battery’s negative and both bulbs. 

Note* The red wire should act as positive while the black wire on other hand, should function as negative. 

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Having seen the above, it is obvious that wiring a micro switch isn’t difficult as most people are making you believe. The above lesson or procedures are self-explanatory. Most of the time, you may not grab the concept after reading it for the first time. However, it doesn’t mean such is complicated or difficult to understand. All you have to do is read the details again and have all the needed items recommended above. Micro switches are very easy to wire when you know the right steps to take.

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