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Micro Switch

What is a micro switch

A micro switch responds to environment changes by opening or shutting a set of shifting contacts to restrain an appliance. If the micro switch feels movement out of it's environment, a plunger is pressed or released to start or close a circuit. The plunger actuator demands a particular quantity of force against it to alter the touch manner, which is just one of our custom choices!

Each micro-switch includes a plunger actuator to switch the contact style, but a lot of them possess an extra actuator like a float or sail, to feel the surroundings alter, such as fluid level or air flow. Unionwell provides many different actuator choices along with the fundamental plunger design:

Sail/Paddle Actuator

Leaf Actuator

Styrene Float Actuator

Whisker Actuator

Roller Actuator

Micro switch types:

micro toggle switch

omron micro switch

micro push button switch

cherry micro switch

micro on off switch

micro limit switch

micro switch push button

Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch

Subminiature Waterproof Micro Switch

Subminiature Micro Switch

Sub.Micro Switch-Coil Spring

Sub.Waterproof Micro Switch-Coil Spring

Miniature Dustproof Micro Switch

Miniature Waterproof Micro Switch

Long Travel Sealed Mini Micro Switch

Miniature Micro Switch

Basic Micro Switch

Waterproof Micro Switch

DPDT 1NO 1NC Micro 

Micro switch applications:

Widely used in electronic equipment, instrumentation, mining, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, and aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, tanks and other military areas, has been widely used in the above areas.

Micro switches, as its name implies, use very modest force buttons. It's the switch the external mechanical power acts on the transferring reed throughout the transmission component, along with the contact and the contact at the conclusion of their driving reed are rapidly switched off or on. You will find little, ultra-small, super-small etc in dimension. Functionally waterproof.

This miniature micro switches are utilized for automatic control and security protection in devices which require frequent switching circuits. They are frequently utilized in electronics, instrumentation, mining, electricity systems, household appliances, electric equipment, and aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, etc. Tanks and other military areas are widely utilized in the aforementioned fields. The change is modest, but it has an irreplaceable function.

You will find common kind, small size and superb small size in line with the quantity. As stated by the protective operation factors, you will find waterproof kind, dust-proof kind, and explosion-proof kind; based on this dividing form, you will find Single kind, double kind, multiple kind.

The electrical micro switches, includes a little contact spacing plus a quick-acting mechanism, and also the touch mechanism which performs the shifting action using a prescribed stroke and force has been coated with the outer casing, also contains an outside actuator and a tiny outer form.


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