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Micro Switches: Applications Of Micro Switches In The Automotive Industry

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Micro Switches: Applications Of Micro Switches In The Automotive Industry

Several parts are used in electrical appliances these days. As the appliances are becoming more and more sophisticated, their mechanisms are becoming intricate and sophisticated. These switches are small parts used in various home appliances, cars, safety devices, etc. The main objective of these switches is to increase the device's safety circuit functionality. Appliances should switch on and off or open and close with the lightest of force these days, and that is why these micros switches are used. One of the biggest markets that make use of micro switches is the automotive industry. This industry uses these switches for various automotive machines to make them safer and automatic to use.

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What are micro switches?

Today, many devices and appliances use snap action switches or micro switches to function. It works with very little pressure and has an over-center mechanism. These snap-action switches are part of electric circuits and require less tipping force to get activated and get deactivated. The switches have a thin metal strip, which is then connected to a spring. When a certain amount of tipping force is put on the switch button, the metal flips and opens the circuit. Also, when the force decreases, the strip flips again and shuts off the circuit. Many micro switches come with micro switch sensors. These sensors are the ones that gauge the environmental pressure or conditions and switch on and off the circuit accordingly.

These switches have extended functionality, as it will endure almost 10 million circuitry cycles. These switches are reliable and are perfect for making devices safer over time. Also, there are several designs and types of micro switches that can be found in varying applications. Microswitches vary in their size and the amount of current and voltage they can endure. Most of the switches are designed to handle only lower voltages and current. However, there are heavy capacity micro switches available, mostly used for industrial purposes. 

Where are microswitches used?

They are used mostly in industrial and consumer appliances. As these switches are created to work in appliances where the sensitivity of functions is a major factor, they are mostly used for increasing the safety purpose of the goods.

They are mostly used to interlock the machines' doors, where the power cannot be on before the door is locked. It is also used in elevators and printers, and various other mechanized doors, where the door will not shut, and the machine will not work if there is anything stuck in between or jammed. 

These switches are also used in those machines where precision is required, like in industrial systems and equipment. The sensor is used to detect even a small change in temperature or pressure will stop or start the circuit. That is why they most a part of the control circuitry of the appliances. 

Micro switches in the automotive industry

One of the largest industry that is slowly increasing the micro switch consumption is the automotive industry. As the cars are becoming more advanced and automated, the requirement if micro switches are becoming quite prevalent. These switches enhance the safety precautions of the car mechanisms due to its higher sensitivity factor. Also, as there are several electrical circuits in a car, the microswitches' requirement is on the rise rapidly. These switches are connected to each other as relays. They are used here to differentiate the availability of the mechanic and electrical input. The growth of electric vehicles is simply increasing the demand for micro switches in these cars and vehicles' engineering. These switches are well-engineered in the cars' mechanical construction to enhance safety, precautionary levels, and automation of the vehicles.  

Some of the widespread use of microswitches in this industry is:

Opening and closing the convertible top: switches will tell if the top has closed or opened to the desired location.

Opening and closing the tailgate: micro switch is part of the tailgate latch system's opening and release mechanism.

Hood latching system: microswitches will help in opening and closing the latch system of the car hoods.

Heated seats: these switches help switch on and off the heating circuits, with the help of the switch sensors that gauge the temperature.

Electric steering: in automated vehicles, the electric steering system has micro switches as part of its engineering.

Headlight control of the cars: the microswitches are used in the headlight control panels to control the intensity and headlight direction. 

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How do the micro switches vary?

As mentioned above, several types of microswitches are used in different fields and industries. The switches vary in design and their characteristics. Some of the things that differentiate the micro switch varieties are:

1. Contact configurations: these are like any other type of switches. There are several poles and throw configurations and combinations available in micro switches.

2. Actuators: when it comes to micro switches, one can get variations based on the type of actuator type used. There can be actuators like button type, level type, roller design type, etc. There are also longleaf levels, long hinge levers, long straight levers, etc.

3. Terminal type: the terminal type of the microswitch will decide where and how it can be installed. The terminal type micro switches are broad and thus can be easily installed on the printed circuit board.  

4. Ingress protecting rating: this rating is provided to almost all types of devices, and the same goes for the micro switches. They also have certain IP ratings that tell about their protection levels and how much they can get affected by various elements like water and other environmental factors.

5. Contact current rating: this rating is provided to every micro switch to label their amperage that passes through the contacts. Every switch has its ampere capacity, as some work on lower voltages, and some can function even in higher voltages.

Today, in the advanced world of engineering, micro switches are growing in importance. As the appliances are now created to make sure that they have a longer life and are safer for the user, manufacturers and designers are not taking any chances with the electrical system. This microswitch helps in increasing the reliability, safety, and functioning of the appliances.

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