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Mounting and maintenance of microswitches

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Mounting and maintenance of microswitches

Microswitches are popular in many different industries, and they make things so much easier, by picking the best micro switch manufacturer, you are guaranteed the best outcomes in anything you are planning to create. It is important to pick a supplier who can provide you with micro switches that work and pieces that are durable and of a sturdy build. There are microswitch factories that can create custom-made switches to handle specific processes. 

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Understanding your particular need for a microswitch determines the type you pick and install. It is important to take time and understand things before getting started. By starting on the right foot, you end up saving yourself a lot of time and effort in the future. This is because microswitches are not made equal. Some are better suited for one application than the other. Knowing the difference is important. 


Microswitches cannot be said to be user maintainable. However, even with that said, they need to be kept as clean as possible and in paint-free conditions. The actuator area is particularly sensitive in this case. You need to ensure that regular checks are done in the mounting to ensure it is secure. The actuating medium should also be checked from time to time to ensure everything is as it should be. It is not advisable to use chemical cleaning fluids such as aqueous on the microswitch. You should also avoid lubrication. 

The other thing you should avoid is using switches in an atmosphere that has explosive or combustible gases. This is because swathing generates heat or an arch, and this can cause explosions or fires, which is a big hazard. It is important to be careful with switches. Unless you are a professional, avoid disassembling them as much as you can. You should also be careful not to drop the switches. Doing so jeopardizes their characteristics. They can also cause burning, electric shock, or damage. 


It is important to mount micro switches on flat, firm, and smooth surfaces and ensure that the right screw size is used. You should not over-tighten the screws. If you want extra security, you can use epoxy resin to ensure that the microswitch is not interrupted. Regardless of how well you think you understand micro switches, you should never attempt to make the switch mounting holes larger. You should not over stress the switch either. It helps to use insulating material between metallic plates and the switch. This works at increasing the clearance on switches, especially where the terminals are open. 

When you are soldering, you should avoid overheating the microswitch insulation. In some cases, you may be advised to use a heat shunt instead. To get optimum mechanical strength, you should wrap the conductor around the terminal. Try as much as possible to avoid any loose wire strands. 

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When soldering, overheating of the switch insulation must be avoided. In certain circumstances, it may be advisable to use a heat shunt. For optimum mechanical strength, the conductor should be wrapped around the tip of the terminal, taking care to avoid loose strands of wire.

The best micro switch manufacturers will give clear specifications about their products. They will clearly tell you what to do and what to avoid. Unionwell produces some of the best micro switches in the market, and you can expect great value for the products. 


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