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PCB circuit board micro switch precautions you should know

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About PCB circuit board micro switch

The micro switch is a switch widely utilized in various electrical appliances, also is broadly applicated in home appliances, automotive electronics and industrial management. The function will be to control on and off of the present.

Normally, to be able to better recognize its inner circuit, COM, NC, NO characters are printed on the shell of the micro switch. Care has to be taken when installing and selecting.

As a precise switch, the micro switch must strictly limit its use and storage methods, otherwise it will cause the micro switch to fail or be ruined. Unionwell coordinated the following notes about the use and storage of micro switches:

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Precautions for use:

Please don't add lubricating oil to the moving parts such as the button area and the driving component. Otherwise, it might lead to malfunction and poor contact.

Precautions for storage:

When storing the switch, to be able to reduce discoloration due to the vulcanization of the terminal (silver plating), please put it into a plastic bag.

In addition, Unionwell advises that you avoid using micro switches in areas where damaging gases are created and in places with higher humidity and temperature. In some storage places, it's recommended that you re install the role of the item in 3 to 6 weeks after leaving the factory before using it.

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