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Pressure Switch

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A pressure micro switch is an electro-pneumatic control device that is installed on the air receiver to regulate the output of the air compressor.

Pressure micro switches are used in a variety of industrial and technical processes. If a preset pressure is reached, then the pressure switch opens or closes a respective switch contact. Depending on the requirements, mechanical or electronic models can be used.

A pressure micro switch opens or closes a corresponding turn contact once a preset pressure is reached. Based upon the condition, pressure switches are used with electrical or mechanical switch connections, without screens and with different setting possibilities.

Electronic pressure switches

A digital pressure switch relies on a digital pressure sensor. Together with the electric signal for shifting the electric circuit, many digital pressure switches provide another analogue signal proportional to the strain. Therefore, not only can it be identified if the specified switch point was attained, but the real measured strain is transmitted. Electronic pressure switches frequently feature a screen where the measured pressure could be read, whereas adaptive programming and settings will also be possible. Change factors, output , delay period, hysteresis and several other parameters may be independently adjusted to suit the program.

Mechanical pressure switches - explosion-protected

For operation in hazardous areas, Unionwell mechanical pressure switches are available in Ex-ia or Ex-d variants. The Ex-d approved switches are available in epoxy-resin coated cases made from copper-free aluminium.

Mechanical pressure switches - standard

If, with a mechanical pressure switch, the defined pressure is reached and the switch is actuated, the switch will send an electrical signal. For this, it needs no auxiliary power. The resulting reliability is one of the advantages of mechanical pressure switches.

Unionwell pressure switches are fitted using high quality micro buttons. They comprise high long-term stability and accuracy.

For the shifting of very low voltages, like the ones utilized in PLCs, Unionwell provides argon gas-filled micro switches with gold-plated contacts. Electronic pressure switches are also quite well suited to low-power switching.

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